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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's In a Name?

Today I had a good chuckle. While reading a letter I received in the mail, I looked at the signature and laughed out loud. His last name was Rabbitt...Have any idea what his parents named him? JACK....no, really. His name was Jack Rabbitt ! Why didn't they just name him Peter? Peter Rabbitt....I think that sounds just as good. Can you imagine growing up in school with the name....Jack Rabbitt....?!

I am amazed at some of the names parents give their children. What possess them to have a child grow up with a bizarre, weird, strange or rhyming name? Are they thinking of the babies that will grow up to be adults?

An acquaintance of mine, David, named his son 'Harley" Do you know why? He wanted people to say....This is Harley...David's...son...get it? Harley Davidson... oh my...

Parents put so much time and effort in choosing the perfect name for their child. As parents, we want to do the best for our children. Are we trying to predetermine their personality or success?
Do parents seek to have their child be unique? A name might remind you of someone well known....If I wrote Brittany or Paris, what comes to mind? I'm thinking there may be less babies born with those names these days.

Here's a short list from Wikipedia of same strange names that I found rather humorous:

Armand Hammer, famous industrialist.

Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of filmmaker Kevin Smith,

Coco Crisp, Major League Baseball center fielder for the Boston Red Sox.

Loser Lane - a New York Police Department sergeant

Dick Assman (properly pronounced "assmun"). Canadian service station owner whose name propelled him to international celebrity status in 1995.

Ima Hogg, Daughter of Governor of Texas James Stephen Hogg.

Shanda Lear, daughter of Bill Lear, founder of Lear Jet Corporation.

Do you know anyone with a bizarre or strange name?


Jen said...

haha funny blog post! I knew a few people who had some ridiculous names.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think. I know a "Rose Flowers" and A Mercedes Bender - I am not kidding. Both of these individuals have very strong personalities and high self esteem. I think that it could have gone either way. Names like that can be devastating for someone who is shy or insecure.

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Milton Bradley another MLB player.
He plays for the San Diego Padres

Debbie Dolphin said...

I know a Hugh Morris and yes, he is humorous!

AC Associates said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks..I had such a laugh when I read that letter. What are some parents thinking when naming a baby?!
Thanks for visiting.

Cooper...really? Geez..Mercedes Bender...haha...glad that were able to maintain their self esteem. Some aren't so lucky...

Hi Random, I forgot about that one. I've heard of Milton Bradley before.

Wow...so he fit right into his name. Maybe that's the reason for these strange names. It shapes the person into their names.

I appreciate all your visits and sharing your thoughts. We're getting quite a collection of some unique names, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Well, there are some upsides to having a unique name. Firstly, nobody who meets you ever forgets you. Secondly, people like Cooper want to say that they know you, when in fact, you don't ever even recall meeting a "Cooper" in your life! Its hard NOT to have pretty high self esteem when people want to say that they know you for the sake of conversation with others!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just to give some insight on "what are some parents thinking when naming a baby," sometimes their thoughts lie more in the significance of the name to them rather than what strangers may think. I for example, was named by my father after my mother, and she after her mother's best friend. When I was a child and more vulnerable to what strangers thought, I really didn't like my name and the attention it garnered. Kids (and some adults for that matter) can be pretty cruel and insensitive. As an adult who is able to understand its significance, and knows unlike others that I wasn't named for shits and giggles or b/c my parents liked the car so much, there's no way I'd exchange my name for a different name, nevertheless a common one. I think its great. And no, I won't be naming by children Porsche or Aston Martin, but I won't be giving them a common name either.

AC Associates said...

Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.
You are right when you said people won't forget meeting someone with an unique name.
Hmmmm..could it be there's another Mercedes Bender out there? I'm sure Cooper meant no harm and either did I with my...haha...
I guess I never looked at the flip side...the 'why's' when a child is named a certain name. I guess withour meaning to, we judge.
Although I do have to say, some children get their unique name which have no sentimental value or other meaning simply because the parents think it's funny or cute.

Anonymous said...

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Pooja said...

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