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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

7 Keys to Success and Fulfillment ~ PART 1

By Willard Barth...

So let’s get started. The first key that I want to share with you is that people who are both successful and fulfilled understand the “Power of New Dreams”. Understanding the Power of New Dreams is realizing that life is not about the destination, it is about the journey, and even more importantly, about who you become along the way. A sure recipe for feeling unsuccessful and unfulfilled is attaching too much expectation to a specific goal. So many people say “When I achieve this…” or “When this finally happens… THEN I will be successful and feel fulfilled.” The challenge is that rarely is the achievement what we expected. We reach the goal and are left feeling like there should be more... that we haven’t done enough yet.

People who are successful and fulfilled realize that the “outcome” is not as important as who we become along the way. What new skills did we need to learn? What experiences did we have? Who did we meet? And where has this brought us to in our lives? More importantly… now that we are at this new place, what opportunities has it created? What new perceptions do we have? And what can we do next? What new dreams has this one inspired?

Now… I want to be clear that this does not mean that you have to be building a multi-billion dollar enterprise. It can be in any area of your life. Let’s apply this idea to health. Let’s imagine that you want to lose weight. I think most of us would agree that we can think of a few people we know… maybe very well… who have set a goal for losing a specific amount of weight. Who have lost that weight, and then gained it right back. It is my belief that the reason they gained it back, was because they placed too much emphasis on the “goal” and did not pay attention to the process. Let me explain.

I have a friend who wanted to lose 20 pounds, and they did… repeatedly. We talked about this up and down experience they were having, and I shared with them the 7 Keys. One of the first things they decided to do was attach less meaning to the “goal” and agreed that their life was going to be a series of “New Dreams” and new goals. This became only one outcome that they were focused on in their journey. In effect, they changed their approach to, “Who do I need to become to achieve this goal?” and they started living AS the person they wanted to become. As they did this, they began finding other “new dreams”. They realized that if they were going to reshape their physical image of themselves, they needed to reshape their mental, emotional and spiritual vision of themselves. It was no longer about one “goal” but about recognizing their true potential, and living it.

Please understand that when working with clients, I actually dedicate a weekend to this process, where we explore in much more detail the practical and spiritual impact of the idea of “New Dreams” and help people gain a deeper understanding of how this one idea itself can transform your life. And, for the purpose of this article, let me simply share this idea with you. So many of us have gotten caught up in the idea of “making a living” that we have forgotten the power we have to “design our life”. So many people have given up on dreams to follow the path that is in front of them.

Remember that we are spiritual beings, who have been given the gift of life so that we could “experience” the true potential within ourselves and make manifest a life that is totally unique to who we are. We can only do this through applying these 7 Keys. It is my belief that constantly being aware of where we are, seeing what is there and what we desire to create is what keeps us alive and moving forward. “It is in the mind of the dreamer, that the future is shaped”
– Willard Barth

Look For PART 2 ~ Key #2


Anonymous said...

A wonderful article that will help give me the focus I am often looking for when considering the next steps in my own journey.
Thanks! Looking forward to more!

AC Associates said...

Hi there,
I loved this article that Willard sent me. I learned a few things myself. He's a very giving man and offers support if needed.
Thank you for leaving a comment. It makes me believe that in choosing this to share with my readers is a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

I fully realize and can see the truth in this entire article. Trying to keep that in mind as I go about living my life, reaching for goals, is another thing completely. That is where I, and I think most people fall short. After a lifetime of "programming" to keep your eye on the prize, it's so hard for people to be aware of the journey of getting there.
Even though we have all heard the saying "be careful what you wish for" I think that phrase was coined by the countless people that have reached their goals, only to find that it wasn't quite what they built it up to be in their mind.

AC Associates said...

Hi Laurie,
What you said is entirely true. I think we do forget to keep in mind the journey. Maybe at first being all geared up,but then as time passes, just go back to the way you're used to doing things. I'm trying myself to be more aware, have more patience and set smaller goals.
I agree too, that people build up things in their minds and when they have what they thought about, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The same as the saying...the grass is always greener on the other side...which I happen to disagree with.
Thanks for visiting...

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