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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Save When Shopping Online

I recently posted about shopping online and using online coupons. Below is one comment received:

From anonymous boxer~
Hello.... I'm here from Beth's "community". I am a huge online shopper and take pride in how much I can get done with a few clicks of the mouse. I DIDN'T know of these online coupons.

Well, with the holidays approaching, I thought I'd write another post letting you in on a site that will save you money using online coupons.

In my town here in New Jersey, you can't even go into a store without already seeing Christmas decorations or related items for sale. It's not even Halloween yet! I must admit that I've already started my shopping (I'm almost done) and saved myself some money (and time) using these coupons.

At couponchief.com you will find up to date coupon codes and all the resources necessary to save yourself money and time. Just think how you won't be standing in long lines, surrounded by cranky shoppers. This will allow you to do what you want, when everyone else is sitting in traffic and spending hours looking for the best deal or sale to save money.

There are literally hundreds of stores at couponchief to choose from. Are you looking for electronics? Try Best Buy. Their coupons range from 5-20% off to $50 off selected digital cameras. If you're looking for a variety of items and one stop shopping, I always shop at Target. I can get anything from books, pet supplies,clothes, CD/DVD's, linens, toys, food or bath and beauty products. The coupons they offer range from offers of up to 15% off to $5 off a purchase of $50 or even free shipping.

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

I shop online a lot because of time and because I'm don't really like hanging out at department stores.
Thanks for the tips.

AC Associates said...

Me too Cooper...and when I can use these coupons to save money, I feel like the 'smart' shopper..

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