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Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Learn Something New Everyday

Well as the saying goes..."you learn something new everyday".

Something came to light that I didn't even give thought to. Something that I now feel embarrassed about.

While reading a post from Bobby which explained that Powerful Content Is In The Eye Of The Beholder and gave ways to have a "... high standard of integrity and ethical coolness...", a couple thoughts and questions came to mind with regard to one of his suggestions.

An excerpt from his post:
Read your reader’s blogs and sites. If I read a blog and the author never ever comes to read mine, I am much more likely to stop reading theirs. We are all guilty of that. No one can read every blog. You should really make an effort to read your top commentators blogs regularly.

Well, Bobby spends about 2-3 hours each day reading and commenting on blogs. I on the other hand, really do not have that kind of time. With working full time, tending to my business, working on my own two blogs, plus the household chores and my personal life, I just don't have the hours for much else.

I have subscribed to most of my favorite blogs and/or included these blogs in my favorites at Technorati. Doing this, I can keep up on the posts and read daily. It was brought to my attention that although I read through these posts, the authors may not know I am actually interested and know that I am reading their posts.
Because I do not actually 'visit' each blog, I think I have left an unfavorable impression.

I wanted to apologize if I have indeed caused the authors to feel this way. I never gave this thought before and didn't realize I might be coming across this way. Believe me, this was so unintentional. I was trying to get my full of the many blogs I read, the easiest way I knew. I didn't subscribe to any one's blogs or add to favorites to help in their rankings, I truly was interested in their blogs.

I guess I am still a bit naive to the blogging world and ethical coolness (as Bobby puts it).

The many blogs I have found are not only wonderful, but food for thought, filled with humor and inspiration and the people behind the blogs are very important to me.
I have been enlightened by Bobby and due to his posting, he made me 'think' about this a great deal. Thank you Bobby!

So...as I make small goals for myself, I will include this...I will make an effort to actually 'visit' my favorite blogs and/or comment more often. This is well, actually two small goals. One: visit often and Two: comment more.


Anonymous said...

It does amaze me that people are always telling people to comment, comment, comment. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are trying to make blogging a business and they try to do it by commenting on sites but there really is not way people who work and want a life full of other things can do this.
I think people who have full lives make better bloggers anyway.

I am currently doing most of my proposition papers at home and I can't do it, and I only go into DC a couple times a week.

I'm sorry to me it's all a bunch of crap sometimes. There is too much of this stuff out there. It's too bad others have made you feel bad about this.

My thoughts are, I read many blogs who do not read me, I read many blogs on my reader and some blogs I read daily some once a week. Everyone does what they can within the confines of their life. I don't see why people have to end up apologizing for it.

Besides sometimes it just nice to read.

AC Associates said...

Hey Cooper,
I really appreciate your visit and the comment you shared.
I always heard comment, comment,comment. I even had one person keep emailing me saying I don't visit her blog or comment enough. BUT, the fact is, I do read all her posts. AND,I found that she doesn't read any of my blogs,has not joined my community at bloglog, nor subscribes...did I take that personally? NO...I keep reading her posts, joined her community and still comment when I feel I have something to add.
I think many authors take such issues personally, but it not intentional, I believe on the part of the readers.
As we both stated, there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything.
I did feel bad, so I thought I'd share my view on why I can't devote as many hours as others to blogging.
I've only been blogging since May of this year and it's been a positive experience and judging by the feedback, I'm doing okay.
I will always welcome comments and/or suggestions as I continue to learn...
Just wanted to apologize in advance if I hurt anyone's feelings.
Maybe this post will give others something to think about.
Thanks again Cooper... :0)

Ajay said...

Reading all blogs is not possible for anyone.But one must notice those notice him or her work or thoughts often.But again,here is difference, as in our life we meet and talk alot of person but don't say all are our best friends, we know who they are and they too understand what we are..So what I'm trying to say is that ,we should not bother about in detail of all our readers but we must thanks them.Virtual relations have its lacunas...If in real life we cant manage few friends or been able to give them enough time then how one will able to give time all communities members suppose yr communities members are more than 100.So try yr best as many as possible but don't feel sorry for it...Other communities members of yrs must understand u first before complaining...

AC Associates said...

Thanks Ajay for sharing your thoughts.
It's not exactly that I am sorry for not visiting in a timely manner...I explained why I couldn't. I wanted to express that I am sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings.

I am trying to visit as many of my community members as I could within the time I have.

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