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Saturday, October 6, 2007

7 Keys to Success and Fulfillment ~ Part 3

Exploring the Third and Forth Key
By Willard Barth

The third key, is that people who are successful and fulfilled “Participate”. There is a huge difference between participating and being active in the process, and living life the way most people do, which is passing time waiting for life to “happen”. How many people do you know who are “waiting” for things to be just right before they start living? They’re waiting for their kids to grow up, for their job to change, for the right person to come along, to win the lottery, etc., etc.

People who are successful and fulfilled know that it is their responsibility to go out and “plug themselves in” to the Universe and be open to the resulting experience. They find resources that allow them to get active in pursuing their dreams. It can be signing up for a class, joining a networking group, reading books, talking with friends, joining a gym. They participate in the process rather than waiting for it to happen.

The fourth key is “Trust Life”. This has probably been one of the keys that I have personally struggled with the most. I was taught as a child, that to be successful, I needed to focus my energy and attention on the goal and don’t let anything get in my way. So, when I set my mind to something, I go into what I call “Bull dozer mode”. I think many of you can imagine what that mode is like. If anything got in my way, I just bull dozed right over it. Now… let me tell you… I achieved my goals. And… at a great cost to myself and others. You see, something I learned along the way is that Life, God, The Universe, whatever you choose to refer to that Higher Power as, will help you achieve ANYTHING you desire. AND that Source or Universal Intelligence knows a lot more about the skills and knowledge that you need to be successful and fulfilled than you do. I have learned that every time I begin experiencing things that are not aligned with where I think I am supposed to be going, it is because I am being given lessons, and tools that will help me achieve my goal, as well as manage and enjoy it when it comes to life.

Trusting life means that I have to realize that even when things are going the total opposite direction of where I believe they are supposed to be going, that there is an Intelligence greater than mine, that knows exactly what has to happen for me to get to my destination. The people who are successful and fulfilled trust life, and enjoy who they are becoming along the way.

Look for Part 4 on Monday

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