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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Loving Myself

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Many posts on this blog refer to females and how wonderful it is to be a woman.

I have mentioned self-esteem, the many ways we, as women are successful in both our personal and/or business life. I have spoken about our strength, our confidence, how we should and can stand on our own two feet by being educated, plus an array of other topics.

I just stumbled upon a site that promotes woman. Females can now make an expressive statement about who you love... "I'm Loving Myself" ... isn't that a wonderful statement? I love it!

Well, now you can make a statement by wearing your expression of loving yourself. Are you a successful business woman, recently graduated school, or simply loving yourself for who you are or goals you have accomplished?

Wear your own tee designed by Doheny Designs. This is a great way to remind yourself each time you put this shirt on.

More woman should love themselves.For the goals we accomplish, for the way we care and nurture others. I'm Loving myself is a great thing to tell yourself each and every day. Be accepting of who we are. No one is perfect and we all need to accept ourselves, flaws and all.

Show it to the world for all to see...Feel the pride of being a woman and all that we have to offer.

My friend who had second thoughts about going back to school, recently graduated and I now know exactly what I'm getting her for Christmas. A "I'm loving myself" tee especially for her because she should be so proud of herself and loving herself for her achievment.

Brought to you by Doheny Designs


lilifxt said...

hi Andrea lovely post im always thinking how lucky iam being a woman really women are smart and passionate moreover responsible about evrything
after graduation i didnt work i got married and have two kids sometimes i feel i want to experience work but i feel im more satisfied being at home mom and wife i see myself as a woman contributing to my community by raising up good sons to be good and strong men in future that is the most difficult job in the world i love myself for giving everyday of my life to my family eventhough i feel tired or exausted but im sure the beauty of this work will be shown when i grow up and see i fulfiled my message in the best way

thx for letting me think of myself coz most of time i forget about myself that post was really inspiring
God bless

AC Associates said...

Hi Lili,
I believe you are a wonderful mother and your two sons are lucky to have you.

Loving ourselves is very important. How can we love others if we don't love ourselves?

I'm so happy to hear that you do love yourself and realize all you have to give. You have a big heart.

Many blessings to you

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful message Andrea, as always. Your words always connect with what I'm currently going through Strength and love for myself is necessary for me to live and grow as a woman. Thank you for sharing such an awesome idea, take care!

Anonymous said...

Loving oneself first would prevent so many problems.

How do we teach this?

AC Associates said...

Hi Rockaroo, thanks so much for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the post...
I believe there's always room to grow as women...loving ourselves is something we forget...

Cooper... yes, I agree, but how do we teach this? hmmm....I'm not sure, but I will try and find the answer...maybe we can work on this together?

Anonymous said...

I'm loving myself... I love it! Thanks for posting about these T's.
Blessings, Nicole

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