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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life is Short

Life is short. Life and it all it contains should be precious to each one of us. We shouldn't overlook the little things. Family, friends and even people that cross our paths for a short time, shouldn't be taken for granted.
Make sure you tell them you care. If you aren't able to express yourself with words, do so with actions...a hug, a peck on the cheek, a visit or telephone call.

I sat down in front of this computer not really knowing what I wanted to write. All I know is that I needed the therapy I get from writing...writing something...anything...just keep my mind busy with words.

I didn't want to bring more sad news about my family and/or friends to my readers, but it is part of me, my life and in life in general. This morning I learned two more of my friends have passed and then two hours after that, my cousin called to tell me his father, my uncle, passed away. In 6 days, 4 angels have been called home. How very emotionally draining for everyone...

I'm sure you have read or heard this inspirational quote..."Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today, for tomorrow may be too late"

In this world of materialism, I believe gifts of our time shared with who we care about is a much better choice. That phone call we might make, the visit to our family, even when we get stressed out while visiting. Taking the 'time' to connect with someone we care about. We live in a rush rush world, where there isn't enough time to do everything, but we should find the time.

A friend just recently was saying how he hasn't visited his father and he knew he should. He let a few days pass and then went to see him. I could hear in his voice how glad he was that he took the time. Even though his father isn't one for conversation, the fact that they were sharing the same space was enough. I am positive his father, in his quiet ways, enjoyed and appreciated the time spent with his son.

Why do we procrastinate over the simple things that would connect us to family and friends? Is it stress, feelings of guilt or just in thinking we have tomorrow ?

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