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Monday, October 8, 2007

7 Keys to Success and Fulfillment ~ Part 4

By Willard Barth

Explaining the 5th and 6th key:

The fifth key is to “Exemplify Generosity”. People who are successful and fulfilled know the deeper meaning to the adage “giving is receiving” and therefore they are a living example of generosity. Begin to recognize right now, that if you want love… you need to give it. If you want compassion… you need to give it. Anything you want in life, if you first give it… whole heartedly and without attachment or expectation… you will receive it in return.

Giving without attachment or expectation is where most people run into trouble. So many people live in fear of “not receiving” what they want, that they give with the intention of “you better give me this back… or else”. That is not exemplifying generosity. There is a definite line between giving with a generous heart, and giving from a place of manipulation.

People who are successful and fulfilled give because they know that it lifts their energy, their spirit and their existence to do so. AND they are open to receive when it is returned to them in kind.

Whatever it is that you want to receive… love, compassion, respect, success, money… give generously to others… and you will receive in kind

The sixth key to success and fulfillment is “Live in Integrity”. If you look at the definition of Integrity it says “to live in adherence to a code of values”. Now the challenge is that many people expect you to live to a specific code of values, and expect “their” code… to be yours. Your values will be shaped by recognizing your “authentic self”. People who are successful and fulfilled are clear on what their values are and live by them. No matter what.

People who are successful and fulfilled also respect that their definition of being “in Integrity” is not always aligned with others, and they give other people the freedom to be who they are and live by those values.

The key for them, is that their lives have to be lived according to their values if they will ever be truly happy.

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