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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A New Found Perspective

I recently attended a psychic party.

How many of you believe in the ability to perceive things hidden from traditional senses through means of extra-sensory perception ?

I have been to a couple psychics and mediums over the years and never came away from a meeting with doubt. I am a believer and have had certain experiences that confirms why I believe.

At this party there were 11 of us, all waiting for our turn with 'her'. 9 of us agreed she was right on the mark, while the other 2 were skeptical.

I have to say what she told me was true in regards to the past and the present she spoke of. The future, well, we'll just have to wait and see. I left the party full of thought that continues as I write this post. I have learned a few things about myself as I analyzed what was said. She brought about a new perspective when she spoke about my Dad and a man I have feelings for.

It's amazing how I came to learn about myself through this experience. How it took a stranger to shed light on some things about myself. And, to be honest, one thing she mentioned wasn't exactly positive, but she was right. Like a light bulb went on about certain aspects of my life, my behavior and reactions. Why hadn't I just figured this out before?

I am certain that people cross our paths for a reason. If we are open to experiences, we can learn a great deal from them. Maybe the lesson is not immediately known, but later on, we can look back and say....ah...now I see.

I have looked back into my childhood and only now realize why I do certain things, or why I think a certain way. Our upbringing, our family, friends, romantic interests, partners and everything we have experienced up to this point...play a role in the person we are and become.

We, as people are complicated creatures. We have so many moods, feelings, attitudes, perceptions. Have you ever just sat back and really...REALLY thought about life? It's amazing...It brings about so many questions for me. Slowly I am getting some answers...and, continue to learn about myself.

If anyone has had an 'experience' with the other side or have been to a psychic/medium, I would love to hear your story...


Ajay said...

Since the age of 12 I drawn towards two things .One is philosphy and another psychology.Thats why I raid all books From Gurdejif , Huxle,Freud to Jung.Someyears back I wondered when I started mediatiton 10 years back.You"ll laugh but thats true I can sense things just before happening.Well,I" ll explain.its not that that everything but few things like if some friends of mine coming to my house.I would sense it before his coming.Sometimes I see the person on the road while a ago I was thinking about him.I analyzed it and i can say .There is phenomena called sixth sense and certaily it exist but I'm secptical if we could see accurate details of future.
Meetings With Remarkable Man .2 The Fourth Dimension by George Gurdejiff explore the subject with excellent observation.
I can discuss it at length as so many things I feel like that but later....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sunshine! How are you doing?

I've had a few experiences back here and you're right, the peaceful feeling comes when we learn more about ourselves.


Anonymous said...

I have a good friend who is a psychic - and she is very good - the thing to remember is there is always a choice so when they see one future it can always change

AC Associates said...

Thanks for sharing. I would never laugh. Sometimes I have a 6th sense about things too. We are just more sensitive to our intuition.

Hi my sister sunshine,
So nice of you to visit. All is well here, how about in Brazil?
Sometimes the learning process is surprising and can come from the unexpected. Lately I've been learning about myself in rather strange ways, but I welcome it.

Hi Beth,
Really? Your friend? Have you seen her on a professional level? I find it all very interesting and you are right, there can be change.

Unknown said...

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AC Associates said...

We as woman always could use alittle help from our friends. Sometimes we lose sight of all that we are.
Thanks for the suggestion and will visit that site.

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