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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Male's Perspective on "It's A Male Thing"

My post "It's a Male Thing" was about why when a male is looking for something, they look...and look...and they look, but still can not find what they're looking for?

Back in Septemeber Willard Barth viewed that post and left a comment giving us what could be the answer...

Below is his comment on this post:
Willard Barth has left a new comment on your post "It's A Male Thing....": {:~) Well from a male perspective, this actually happens for both sexes.

The human brain is one of the most powerful "supercomputers" on the planet. The challenge is that it doesn't come with a user's manual. It is suggested that we take in over 10 Billion bytes of information per second. As an adaptive process, we have become what some term "deletion machines" meaning that we only pay attention to what we choose to focus on (consciously, or unconsciously). Our subconscious mind therefore, simply follows the directions we give it as to what to focus on.

With that said, when someone cannot find something that is right in front of them, what has usually happened, is that they have already chosen to believe, before they even started looking that they were not going to find it. The mind literally creates a scotoma (blind spot) which prevents them from seeing what they are looking for.

September 9, 2007 4:52 PM

So there you have it...a professional opinion on why we can't seem to find what we are looking for and most times, it right in front of our faces.

What do you thnk?


Bobby Revell said...

I think males who are embarrassed to embrace female qualities have a totally different perspective than one's who do.

I have a friend who has a beautiful wife and a new baby. He told her she was pretty only twice in five years of marriage. Both times, he said it only because she was so hurt and had to ask him to say it.

He's so embarrassed to push his baby around in a carriage because he thinks his beer buddies will think he's a weak and unmanly man.

How do I know all this? She is my ex-girlfriend and left me for him. I still talk to her occasionally but it really hurts.

His perception is "a guy thing" not a male thing.

You have guys and you have men. Men embrace their female traits...LOL! It's my little way of seeing things!

AC Associates said...

Ni Bobby,
Yes, I think you are right. Many men are afraid to show the world their sensitive side. Is it because they care more about what others think?
What you described about your 'friend' is sad...sad that her husband is missing out, sad that he doesn't show a woman that he loves her beauty,sad that he doesn't experience the joy of having a baby and proudly pushing that carriage. Doesn't he realize that his beer buddies are probably jealous, but they are afraid to show their true feelings?
Yes, there are any perspectives...
Thanks for visiting...

Bobby Revell said...

Well, I had lunch with her a few weeks ago and I carried her baby for her. It really got to her.

No matter what happens to her and her marriage, I don't know if I could ever trust her again.

I know she still loves me and I still love her. That was a difficult lunch to eat. I can't continue talking to her because it is killing me.

AC Associates said...

I could only imagine how difficult it is for you and her. AND, I realize there are trust issues, but I'm sure she had learned from the experience.
It's hard not to have trust and once it is lost, it's a long hard road to recover.But...there's always a but...is she the love of your life? Are you both meant to be?
Talking to her and hearing what she's going thru must be very hard to handle, but I think being there for her is what she craves.

You are in a hard situation my friend...

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