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Friday, October 19, 2007

Receiving More Awards...

At Speedcat Hollydale's Page....I found a record breaking event for he gave an award to each of his community members at mybloglog.

Such an act of kindness! Thank you so much for including me.
I also received an award from Skipper who authors my life starts at forty-two. I enjoy her blog so much and love how real, open and honest she is.
This award is to celebrate people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. I love this award and I thank you so much for including me.

Such an honor to be part of these two commuities. I look forward eachday when I return from working, to relax and read posts that I can loose myself in. Such a feeling to know that at a moments notice, I can turn to any one of my community friends and reach out if I so choose and they will be there.

What my community means to me:
...lends a hand in times of need
...puts others' needs before their own
...makes a positive impact on the community
...brings warmth to everyday
...takes the time to listen
...creates energetic spirit
...rallies around a cause
...reaches out to make a difference
...acting with your heart
I would like to give both these awards to the my community friends:
feel happy
Wonderland or Not
Your Wisdom of Total Happiness
My Life is Murphys Law
A Week in the Life of a Redhead
Jeanine's Bits and Pieces
NAFASG-United and Dedicated Behind You
The Painted Veil
A worn out woman's journey
Outta the Coop: A day in the life of The Chick
Heavenly Inclinations
The Spirit Knows
Feeling Flirty


Anonymous said...

Awesome awards. I love them.

Thanks much and you deserve lots of awards.

AC Associates said...

You are welcome...
Glad you like your awards. You deserve them.

Ajay said...

Thanks...But ,Fact is,I don't deserve awards...

AC Associates said...

Wish you wouldn't think like that. Sure you deserve awards. Your blog "hits the mark" with all the tips and information you provide your readers.

You are part of my community. You visit regularly, leave comments and share your thoughts. By doing that and showing your interest, you support me.

You'll see, more awards will come your way.

Thanks for visiting and sharing

Ajay said...

Thats really kind words from you...I wish your all wishes get fulfilled..

AC Associates said...

Thank you Ajay...
Many blessings to you as well

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