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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pet Injury Coverage

I was surprised the other day to learn that my son's auto insurance company now offers him a FREE pet injury coverage endorsement.

Two years ago his prior insurance company kicked him out of their plan due to two tickets he received from 3 years ago. This really annoyed us because these tickets weren't anything of importance, but in the long run, that company did him a favor.

He just leased an H3 (a baby Hummer) and amended his policy to include this vehicle. Turns out he's saving money and received the pet injury coverage I mentioned.
BTW: I love this truck. I sometimes get to drive it too and was surprised how it handles like a car and gets decent gas mileage.

The coverage reads:
...if you purchased collision coverage for at least one covered auto under your
policy and your pet sustains injury or death as a result of a collision
involving any covered auto or non-owned auto, we will pay up to $500 for
reasonable and customary costs incurred by you or a relative for vet fees or pet
replacement cost if you pet dies in the accident...

It is my understanding that his insurance company is the first major car insurance company to provide this pet injury coverage.

This is a start. Ok, so the amount of $500 isn't very much, but it's something...being an animal lover, I consider my dog as one of the family. I always felt there should be insurance available to me to protect her in case of illness. Vet bills are outrageous!

Well, now at least she'll be covered if riding in my sons truck.

I just thought this was great news and I was so excited about it...just had to share...

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