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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Montel Fired for Speaking The Truth...

Last night I was informed by one of my friends Suz, that Montel Williams is going off the air. She knows how much I like him, his show, his views. Having met him twice only confirmed why I feel the way I do.

He will tell you anything if you ask. He speaks the truth whether you agree or not. He is a straight, no nonsense kind of man and very intelligent.

His accomplishments: Did you know?

* Served in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1974
* Received a presidential appointment to the United States Naval Academy
* Holds a degree in General Engineering and a minor in International Security Affairs
* Was selected as special duty intelligence officer, specializing in cryptology
* Received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, two Navy Expeditionary Medals, two Humanitarian Service Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals and two Meritorious Service Awards
* Published six books to date
* Received three Outstanding Talk Show Host emmy awards
* Has arranged for hundreds of people to attend psychological counseling sessions, weight-loss and eating disorder programs, and drug rehabilitation centers after they appear on the show.
* Inspired the show’s After-Care Program, which began in 1992
* Has become the national spokesman for The Partnership for Prescription Assistance
* He established The Montel Williams MS Foundation in 2000 to further the scientific study of MS, provide financial assistance to select organizations and institutions conducting research, raise national awareness, and educate the public. In a short time, the organization has reached several milestones. It has granted over $1 million dollars to research

One of Mr. Williams' key beliefs is that "success is determined by what you give back to others," which is why he has worked actively with a variety of charitable organizations throughout the years.

And now I am very pissed off that he has been fired because he spoke the truth...he told it like it is. For just over three minutes on Saturday morning, TV talk show host Montel Williams owned the hosts of Fox and Friends. Montel lectured the stunned hosts on the stupidity of spending air time on the death of Heath Ledger, rather than covering the war in Iraq. He expressed sorrow for Heath and his family but... It was a spectacle rarely seen on live cable television, as Montel exposed and condemned both tabloid "news" shows and much of American culture for what they have each become: shallow and greedy.
Three minutes into this awkward segment on Fox, one host cut off Montel in order to go to a commercial. Montel did not return after the break. Four days later, after 17 years as a television host, Montel lost his job.

Hmmm...freedom of speech? Nope, not for Montel.

Watch the video and tell me what you think: Do you agree or Disagree that he should have been fired?

Write to FOX if you disagree: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,77538,00.html
FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS and the rest of the MAIN STREAM media no longer provide us NEWS.....just contrived entertainment and distractions.

I believe this country is so backwards and we have so many issues in this country that are not being dealt with.


Robin Lee Sardini said...

I can't believe they did this to Montel! THAT'S just wrong! He's a genuine human being who is not afraid to tell the truth. Man, that makes me mad, too! I'm sure there will be a massive outcry!

AC Associates said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks so much for viewing this and leaving your comment. I am mad and I hope more people get upset by this also.
I wonder how many people with loved ones serving in the war now or the many who lost loved ones due to war feel about this. I hope they speak up!
All I know is that I'm tired of the 'freedoms' only pertaining to certain people living here.

And besides that, I believe Montel is RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch him, or much television at all but
this is not unexpected, Rupurt Murdock owns Fox and
their agenda is to make people think the death of a movie star is more
important than the real news. Keeps us distracted from those who are run things. Of course the people in this country thinks it to,
as the man said, it is what the people want, it is how they make money. Brit, Heath whoever I am certain more people in this country know the names of movies stars but have no idea who their congressman is. Is Fox totally to blame...probably not, mostly to blame yup.

Montel will find his way.

Thanks for this heads up.

ilovemylife said...

Everything Montel said is true, needs to be said, needs to be addressed and certainly not silenced. Hopefully, he will find his next job very fitting for the courageous person that he is.

As a grass roots activist with the Save Darfur Coalition ~ we always feel the media has primarily ignored the 5 year old genocide going on in Darfur.

Here is another story our free world press ignores:
Darfur bandits threaten food deliveries: UN

KHARTOUM, Jan 23, 2008 (AFP) - The UN World Food Programme warned on Wednesday that banditry in the conflict-stricken Darfur region threatened the distribution of food to more than two million people there.

"So far this year, bandits have stolen 23 WFP-contracted trucks and abducted their drivers -- 19 drivers are still missing," it said in a statement.

"We're extremely worried about the impact of vulnerable people of Darfur," WFP representative Kenro Oshidari said.

He said that the main trucking companies now refuse to send in more vehicles, forcing the organisation to "deliver about half our monthly food relief requirement."

"If the situtation continues, we'll be forced to cut rations in parts of Darfur by mid-February," Oshidari said, urging Sudanese authorities to ensure the safety of the main routes.

A lack of security in the western Sudanese region continues to hamper aid operations. Between September and December last year, three WFP contracted drivers were killed and 13 trucks stolen or attacked.

A total of 106,000 people could not be reached with food assistance in December, the WFP said, adding that some 40,000 metric tons of food are needed to feed the most vulnerable people in Darfur.

"Without these deliveries, WFP faces a rapid depletion of stocks and the inablity to pre-position food ahead of the rainy season which is due to start in May," Oshidari said.

At least 200,000 (and probably more like 450,000) people have died from war , famine and disease in Darfur and more than two million have fled their homes since rebels took up arms against Khartoum in 2003, complaining of the region's political and economic marginalisation, according to the UN. source: http://sudan.net/

Bobby Revell said...

Montel is one of the very few people in the media speaking the truth. I cannot believe he was fired.

This defines exactly my mission in blogging...you and I share very similar views Andrea.

When I watch the news, I get mad! Why doesn't a single network have fluff free news? Montel is exactly right.

War and killing is the result of cowardice and stupidity. Why doesn't humanity try not killing? The truth is, while president Bush and his cronies sit in the lap of luxury...soldiers are being blown apart.

It's easy to start wars when you're far away...drinking champagne in front of a widescreen TV in the whitehouse.

I remember a time when presidents fought on the front lines. Bush would never have started a war if he had to lead the charge with a machine gun!!!!!!!

This BURNS ME UP!!!!!!!!!! Give Montel a medal for having the guts to be honest.

Mandy said...

I really like Montel but, I did not know that he had been fired? I must be under a brain fog rock or something.

NO, he should not have been fired. It is sad about Heath Ledger but, the truth is the media cover events like this, Brittany Spears and other celebrities more than they do the truth about the war.

I am one of those people who is completely against the war but, I fully support the troops. The media needs to spend more time on the war and all of the soldiers that are dieing than celebrity gossip.

Anonymous said...

now you know why we have to vote for barack obama, right ? just to repeat you
I believe this country is so backwards and we have so many issues in this country that are not being dealt with. please vote fro barack obama now!!!

AC Associates said...

Ah...thanks for the info. I agree, the more we are distracted the less we'll care about the 'important' world news. Nope, don't think so. Not to take away from anyone's death, but the celebrity coverage is out of control. I'm sure they and their families need some peace,,,not invasion.

I love my life,
Thanks for visiting and sharing. I learned something new. It's just so sad.
I'm also sure Montel will recover from this episode, but it's the principal of the matter.

Hi Bobby,
Thanks for commenting and as usual, I agree with what you've said.
Oh...I highly doubt any of our government would be out there risking their life...Montel had the guts to tell it like it was. You and I had some other shared comments and info come to light, but I'm glad we still feel what went on due to Montels comments was right on.

AC Associates said...

Hi Mandy,
Thanks for visiting.I see you too agree with us here. I'm right with you with regard to not approving of the war, but honoring and supporting our troops. We all should be...

Hello don'tmiss,
Thanks for visiting and sharing. Yes, I do believe there are ALOT of important issues needing to be resolved, turned around and revamped.
I guess we know who you are voting for :0)

Anonymous said...

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