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Thursday, January 10, 2008

How To Look Good Naked

Has anyone watched the new show on Lifetime TV, ‘How to Look Good Naked’? Ladies, if you are able to view Lifetime TV in your area, I suggest watching this show.

I was impressed with how Carson (the host) gives women confidence, overcome insecurities and allows a woman to see the distorted perceptions we have of our own body.

Carson has one women (the make over woman) go through 5 steps.

Step one: The dreaded full length, tri mirror. She’s dressed in only undergarments. UGH! We all hate the mirrors, but in this process, Carson gives you a reality check. We may not be perfect, but we are beautiful. We have to love what we have and who we are.

He then shows a huge picture of this make over woman, plastered on the side of a building wall, on a busy main street. Asking the people passing by how this woman looks. All comments were complimentary…nice arms, legs, breasts…etc….However, even after hearing these comments, this woman still insisted she was ‘fat’, still only saw the imperfections. She didn’t accept compliments very well.

He also had 5 woman dressed in undergarments in a line up. Their size ranged from small to large. He asked the make over woman to place herself between the two women she felt she matched closer in hip/size dimensions. She placed herself at the end between the two woman considered larger. It turned out; she was actually sized after the first woman in the line…much smaller. Our perceptions really do play an important role in how we view ourselves.

Step Two: The procedure in picking the correct undergarments. I was amazed the difference in appearance this can make. The stat revealed that 95% of women are not wearing the correct undergarment. Wow…

Step Three: Correctly picking the appropriate clothing to accent what we have. How this can show confidence is an eye opener! There were 3 pictures of 3 women wearing 3 different styles of clothing from the neck down. He asked his “make over girl” to look at the pictures and describe each woman. She was asked based on the clothing, which woman weighed less to more. The make over woman has decided the one in this black dress looked confidant and weighed less than the other 2 women in the pictures. Well, In the end, it is revealed to you that the 3 pictures are all of the same woman. This floored me the most.

Carson then takes his makeover woman on a shopping spree. As she is being dressed in the appropriate clothes, you can actually see this woman’s attitude change; she held her head higher, smiled more, held her posture more erect. The tips you hear are something we all can learn from.

Step Four: The make over woman gets just that. New hair style which does make a difference, she is pampered and she feels beautiful. How many of us forget or make the time to pamper ourselves. Ladies: I know I will now set time aside for ME and pamper myself. It really does make you feel better.

Step Five: After all these steps, Carson had this woman pose naked. This woman was a changed woman. Confidence, self assured, beautiful, loved herself and everything she has. No more perceptions. It was wonderful! Seeing her in those pictures, one might think that wasn’t the same woman at the beginning of the show. Carson again plastered a huge picture of the woman (now naked) on the side of the building. She was hearing comments like…she’s hot.

I hope more woman watch this show. I commend Lifetime for having another show directly geared toward helping woman love themselves, imperfections and all.

Even though this make over woman had experienced help by Carson, it allows you to see each step. You can take the information, tips and examples to widen your eyes to how you perceive yourself, how to gain confidence and how to love yourself.

Great show and looking forward to Friday to learn and see more.


Cooper said...

I've never seen the show but will have to try and catch it. Let's hope it is repeated late at night.

Ajay said...

Interesting indeed...

Kathryn & John said...

don't know if I ready for this...

AC Associates said...

Hey Cooper,
It really is a great show enabling women to see how our negative perceptions play a role in our attitudes towards ourselves. I watched a new episode last night and it was so positive.
I think it is repeated again late at night. Let me know your thoughts after seeing the show.

It was interesting and it amazed me how true it is. It's such a postive show.

Thanks so much for visiting. I know...I'm not in a place where 'naked' is looking good. But, this show really shows how we percieve ourselves in such a negative way and that loving ourselves is what we should be doing. It's an attitude changing show. Try and catch it and let me know what you think.

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