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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SeviceGuy to the Rescue

How many times have you needed a service repair man or wanted work done in your home and all you received was an answering machine? Then you waited and waited for someone to call you back, which never happened.

It is so frustrating for me to need a repair or anxious to have something done in my home and have that scenario happen. I don't want to email someone, I don't want to leave a message and wait for a return call, I want immediate gratification by talking to someone and moving forward with what I need done. Our time is valuable. You don't want to waste it by waiting for a return call or call number after number until you reach someone. I don't know about you, but I hate leaving messages or getting those annoying automated messaging machines...press 1, then press 2 etc etc

ServiceGuy to the Rescue. I found this free referral network that connects you immediately to the service provider you need. You call the ServiceGuy number in your area, select the service you need and then your call to directly connected. Immediate gratification.

If you need services in the following areas, you can find them at Service Guy:
cleaning, computer, design, electrical, handyman, landscaper, moving, painter, plumber, pool, realtor

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Cuckold Boyfriend said...

Thanks for your post!

AC Associates said...

Hi Biginjapan,
Thanks for visiting. You're welcome. When I see a good thing, I like to share.

Cooper said...

That is worth looking into. Who has time to mess with it, it should be that easy.

AC Associates said...

Hey Cooper,
Yeah, this site seems to run just as it says. I like that. Waiting for return calls is something I don't do well.

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