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Friday, January 11, 2008

Shampoo On The Go

Ok ladies....(and men) here's a product I couldn't wait to write about. I have actually used this myself and it really works!

I shampoo my hair every morning before going to work. Last week, I must have hit my snooze button on the alarm more than 4 times. Of course, I ended up waking more than a half hour late and didn't have time to wash and dry my hair (my hair is past the middle of my back, so it takes some time to wash & dry).
Now my morning routine was thrown off and I felt off kilter. I didn't want to be very late for work, so I got out my dry shampoo.That's right...spray powder shampoo.

I was thrilled when this product first came out. As a kid, I remember my mother freshening up my long hair with baby powder to get rid of the oil between shampoos. Well, here's the redefined version, but it's actually shampoo.

If you don't have time to wash your hair or for use in between shampoos, this is the product you need. It even comes in shades to match the color of your hair: brunettes, silver, blonde and black.

My guy and I are planning a weekend get a way next month and this dry shampoo will be coming with me. Less to pack. No more carrying a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Anytime I find myself on an overnight stay, whether it's for work or pleasure, this product is the first thing I pack. This also saves me time if I need to get ready a little faster than normal.

If you are concerned about a powdery residue, there is none. It easily brushes away and your hair is revitalized. Doesn't leave an oily residue either. Your hair smells and feels clean. Salon Grafix makes this product, so you know you can trust it's top of the line.

You should try it for yourself. Keep an emergency bottle in the house...just in case you find yourself running late, out of regular shampoo or an unexpected overnight trip is necessary.

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