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Monday, January 28, 2008


A young 22 year old man named Chance Craven has spent the last three years being there for others while being a member of myspace. Whether their time in need was due to a break up, having family issues or just encountering struggles in their life, he has provided support, an ear and reassurance of friendship.

Why you ask? He has a lot of love to give. His heart is wide open and wants to help others. His lesson learned was that he truly loves helping other people and wants to dedicate his life to spreading the love.

He has started a non profit organization called...itsChance focusing on the definition of 'chance' and everyone having one. A community devoted to helping feed the homeless, working with the elderly and children.

Below are words of wisdom I received in an email from Chance.


1) Simply LIVE your live. Don't hesitate to do something today. Don't wait to tell someone you love them or wait to resolve conflict tomorrow. Live to the fullest and strive to be your best today!

2) Whether it's a good or bad day...LEARN from it. Realize that everyone makes mistakes and the only way to overcome the past, is focus on the future. Learning what works and what doesn't. Everything happens for a reason...make the best of it!

3) Choose to LOVE. The world is already full of so much hatred...choose to Love someone and show them you care. Show someone what true love is through your everyday actions. After all...actions speak louder than words.

Take a chance, choose to make a difference! Drop by his site and if you are in his area, why not donate some time to help others?

KUDOS CHANCE! and I wish you the very best. Many Blessings~

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