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Monday, January 14, 2008

Do You Dress According to Your Mood?

It never occurred to me until today that I am a mood dresser. Are you? Do you dress, wearing colors that match your mood?

I have to admit to wearing black and white a lot. I just like the way the colors look together, but I realize that I really pick colors depending on my mood.

Today feeling content and happy, I chose blue. It happens to be my favorite color, but wearing blue does make me feel calm and peaceful. Like my old, worn out favorite pair of jeans, the easy feeling I get looking at the sky, or the serene feeling of Caribbean blue waters. ahhhhh....

If I have a meeting to attend, I feel more confidant and secure wearing black or gray pants with maybe a white or red top. I know if I want the meeting to go well, I have to feel comfortable. It's not the time to wear a new outfit or one I'm not so sure about.

How many of us have that one outfit we feel the best in? The one we wear out when we know we look good?
I know I do...

Here's some color decoders...

1.) Wearing Blue - Serenity and Calm
2.) Wearing Gray or Black - Invisibility and Blending In
3.) Wearing Green - Nurturing and Earthy
4.) Wearing Orange - Energetic and Creative
5.) Wearing Pink - Open Heart and conveys compassion
6.) Wearing Purple - Unique and Special, you want to be noticed
7.) Wearing Red - Powerful and Confident
8.) Wearing White - Fresh Outlook - New Beginnings
9.) Wearing Yellow - Cheerful and Happy


Selene said...

I usually wear the colors of my outfits in the shade I like best due to personal taste not mood. However, people might assume I'm in one of those moods you listed due to first impressions.

AC Associates said...

Hi Selene,
Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Yes, people might assume, but are you really dressing in the colors you like or subconsciously it's the way you feel that makes you choose them?

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