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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are You a Star?

Did you always want to have your moment in the spotlight? Your 15 minutes of fame? At YawpBox you have the opportunity to use your own content for a chance to be used on a TV show.

Ordinary people are sharing their 'moments' and being viewed. Some of the many categories to submit video, audio or pictures include: events, romantic, funny moments, adventurous or even some ridiculous moments that were captured. People from around the globe can see your experience and determine how it rates compared to others in the same category. If you come out on top, your submitted content can be used for a YawpBox TV show that will air in March 2008.

Lex & Terry will be hosting a magazine style TV show in front of a live audience in Texas. They will be showing the most popular videos submitted by the YawpBox social networking site members. I'm sure this will provide many laughs, tears and cheers.

Some of the topics had me curious for sure...the best prank, best tattoo, best sports experience and one video under the wedding topics, had me quite amused. This wedding dance is just something to see. I don't want to ruin it for you, so go check it out.

Also on the site is a games tab, which allows you to play games created by YawpBox. Challenge your friends or acquire new friends on the site and test your skill.

I have noticed it's just human nature to be curious. American Home Videos had us laughing for years. Now YawpBox is providing a way to see others in action and provide hours of entertainment by peeking in.

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