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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let Go and Be Happy

One of my posts on Mind, Body & Soul is titled... Are You Happy? I spoke about your happiness set point. Are you aware that everyone has this set point which they return to regardless to what experience you have in life?

Research shows that approximately 50 percent of our happiness is acquired through genetics and the other 50 percent is learned. However, everyone has the ability to change your set point. You can catch the happiness wave by utilizing the secret The Sedona Method has mastered. They are presenting an opportunity to receive a FREE CD or DVD on this self help tool which will teach you how easy it can be for you to melt away unnecessary negative feelings.

When learning this method you can overcome your need to hold on to negative thoughts, feelings and even actions. When holding on too tightly, you force yourself to believe in these powerful emotions. You literally talk yourself into it. Our mind is a powerful tool and unfortunately, we don't always use it enough for the positive emotions to create happiness. We can be happy for no reason once we learn to 'let go'.

Ever find yourself thinking you are unhappy about something or have an issue you want to change? You may find yourself then only repeating either to yourself or outloud that you are unhappy. What happens next? You ARE unhappy. Why not twist that around to thinking positive thoughts. Letting go of the negatives. Can you let go? Are you willing to try?

Mariel Hemingway has been using The Sedona Method to overcome depression, self hatred and emotional pain.

Get your free cd and learn The Sedona Method. Feel how easy it is to be happy and watch how this will raise your happiness set point and overflow into all areas of your life.

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