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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Weary

The weather here yesterday was gloomy...clouds and cold. I didn't feel like doing to much of anything.

Now today it is just COLD....brrrrrrr. What little sun we had, is now disappearing. I really don't like winter. Seems I have less energy, sleep a little bit more than usual and don't feel like going out.

Could it be I'm experiencing SAD? For those who don't know what that is... it means Seasonal Affective Disorder. People suffer from depression between September to April due to the reduction in sunlight hours in fall and winter. That can zap your energy level and emotional well-being.

Some people experience the following symptoms:
Changes in appetite and a craving for sweets or carbs
Difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual
Difficulty in concentrating
Weight gain
Fatigue or a decrease in energy
Avoidance of social situations

Hmmmmm...based on those, I guess I have SAD, but being in the midst of perimenopause, who knows. Feels like the same symptoms to me...

It's been said that if you are experiencing SAD, you could use "light therapy". This provides you with exposure to bright artificial light, but mimics the sun. Spending an hour each day outside can also produce beneficial results.

I have seen these sun mimicking light bulbs at Home Depot. Until now, I never thought of buying them...

Do you feel a change once winter arrives? I know when the warmer months are here, I do feel more alive, have more energy and much more motivated. When it stays lighter later, it just makes me feel good.

Maybe there is something to this SAD .....


Anonymous said...

I do notice a change in my energy levels come winter. I always celebrate the first day of winter because I know that the days are getting longer. I have tried getting a full spectrum light and shining it about 8" away from my face...kind of like basking in the sunshine. My husband just laughs

AC Associates said...

Hi Sunny (great name)
So like myself, you experience the same, but you've tried the "light" approach. Please tell me, does it help?
You have a great outlook by celebrating the arrival of winter.
Thanks for visiting and sharing

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