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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Free Disease

Do you have the ‘free’ disease? This really isn't about a disease, but just an interesting observation I have made over time.

I notice that on many occasions at work, people bring in food or other items and leave them in the kitchen area for anyone interested. These free items don't last long. Maybe a half hour at most.

What strikes me funny is when food is left in the kitchen right before people are returning from eating lunch. They see this ‘free’ food and they must take as much as possible. AND, mind you this is after they just ate!

Why is it that when we see something “for free”, we must have it. Whether we need or want it, it must be ours?! haha

Have you ever been guilty of seeing something for free at the curb or even a garage sale and had to have it? I have been in a car with someone and upon seeing a free item, they turned to me and said, I'm going to take that. Why, I asked...do you need it? No...but it's free, I'll find someplace to put it.

I realize someones garbage is someone else's treasure, but does that have to include anything and everything that is "free" ? and people wonder why they have clutter around...

There are even people that sign up for anything and everything or receive any free offers that pass their eyes.

The program or information might not even be something they are truly interested in, but feel compelled to receive it or be a member.

Are they afraid they'll miss out on something?

Just an observation...


Ellen said...

Yep, I guess you named it precisely.. it's the feeling of (potentially) missing out on something that causes us to take whatever we can get..
I have to say, I hope I'm finally getting over that urge.. My house is filled with more than enough stuff as it is, and my happiness definitely doesn't depend on 'more stuff' anymore..
Still have to convince my self of that though, once in a while ;-))

AC Associates said...

Hi Ellen
I guess we all should convince ourselves of that. Happiness shouldn't depend on 'stuff' right? Geez, why do we always feel like we're missing out on something? Something to ponder....
THanks for stopping by

AC Associates said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Funny.. I just brought some breakfast pizza in to work this morning..someone else brought donuts.. all were gone in quick time. This is so so true.

AC Associates said...

Hi Madise,
See...?! it happens all the time!
Nice of you to share with your co-workers.
Thanks so much for visiting.

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