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Saturday, January 19, 2008

So, I'm Not Perfect...

Ok, so I'm not perfect. I allowed some stress to wiggle into my life. A situation came into my life and gave me an unexpected ending, which I wasn't prepared for. I had to work through a few emotions before concluding I have choices...first on how to handle this situation and second... how to deal with what I was feeling.

Although justified, I felt angry with the outcome of this situation. I realized quickly that wasn't the answer. I needed to get myself 'in check'. If I continued to be angry, I wouldn't be productive. I took a deep breath and just said to myself...I will get through this.

But as I allowed stress to enter, I took a short ride with negativity. It's amazing how those little inner voices sometimes can cause an avalanche of scenarios in your mind and you start believing them. So... realizing this quicker than usual, I just put a stop to it.

I thought about a happy memory or the feelings of love, thought about all the good and blessings in my life...took to the couch, lit some candles and just relaxed. Repeated some affirmations...Relaxing my body and soul.

It does work...I now have calmness. Whatever happens....I will deal with it and get through it. It's not the end of the world...I am a good person, have my health, my family and friends. This ding in my life will be dealt with. It's not the end of the world.

I certainly have grown this past year. I remember a time that I would have held on to those negative emotions for days and have it hinder me. Affecting not only me, but the people around me. I truly can feel a difference within myself. Now I can remove negativity faster and talk my inner self out of self doubt, replacing it with a positive attitude.

How do you deal with stress and any negativity that creeps in?


Cromely said...

I try not to stress out much, under the theory that there are only two things to stress about -- those I can change and those I can't.

If I can change it, I should change it instead of stressing about it.

If I can't change it, there's nothing I can do so why stress about it.

Sadly, this theory often doesn't work, but at least then I can stress about my failed theory instead of what I was originally stessed about.

AC Associates said...

Hi there Cromely,
You made me smile...I know exactly..stressing on not accomplishing putting the stress aside and then we forget about what we were originally stressed about. How true! hmmm...
I've been working on the time it takes to overcome any stress and negativity...but sometimes I slip up for a bit until I put myself in check.
Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love your site. The information you are giving to others is just wonderful. I have something for you. Look for #10.

Love and Blessings,


Molly Brogan said...

What we sometimes feel as stress can be our invitation to become if we can find the increase in the circumstance. Follow the joy.

Great site. Many thanks.

AC Associates said...

Ohhhhh Angelbaby, you are the most kind! Thank you so very much!!!!!

Hi Molly,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we all need to see the joy and learn from all experiences. I'm still learning, but it feels great! I'll make more mistakes I'm sure, but in the end I know I'll be the best person I can be.
Many Blessings~

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