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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling So Honored

Below is an email I received from Sibyl, founder of Sibyl Magazine. What an honor to be asked to contribute to this women's e-magazine! I responded by asking how to submit a post/article and the guidelines for doing so. See her response after her initial email.

I am bringing this to your attention because I want to extend her invitation to you also, as she suggests. I know that some of you have superior blogs that contain many posts that can also be included in this magazine to help women.

Please let me know if you have contributed and what post/article you submitted. Remember: you must submit by March 5th.

SIBYL Magazine"
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 20:35:27 -0500

Dear Woman Of the Universe and / or Agent Of Change:
Firstly, we salute you for all the wonderful work you do to uplift and encourage
positive change and transformation in the world.

Our online publication, SIBYL eMagazine focuses on personal and spiritual transformation.
Our readership touches base with a large pool of women (inter) nationally -- over 50,000 bi-monthly in readership, extended mainly to a mature audience, women 30+.

After browsing through your website, we felt compelled to inquire if you or someone withinyour circle of influence has an authentic, informative or soul-inspiring message to share with our readers -- a contributing article of interest.

OUR GOAL - is to touch, heal and change the lives of women, one page at a time.
Through the eyes and lives of another woman, we can all be changed is our slogan for 2008.

Of course, all incoming articles / written-works are reviewed and selected by our editorial staff.
And we prefer all recipients to have a viable website, as we enjoy directing our readers to their site,
after reading her story, article or column for continued enlightenment and learning.

Feel free to send this simple message out to as many women as you know. Send it both far and wide,
for there may be someone, who knows someone else ... who has a soul-story to share with the world.

Download a FREE issue of SIBYL eMagazine, in order to get a feel for the style and
essence of our online periodical. Thank you for your time and interest.
Go to: www.SibylMagazine.com

Love, light and joy always,
Sibyl Lee-English, Founder and Editor-In-Chief
SIBYL Magazine:For the Spirit And Soul Of Woman

Response received:

Sibyl Lee-English"
From:"Sibyl Lee-English"
Subject: Re: Response
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:23:45 -0500


Thanks for your inquiry for submission and review in SIBYL eMagazine.
After browsing through all 3 of your blogs, we see that you have a host
of powerful life-lesson articles to pull from.

Our suggestion is that you share one subject that your Spirit
speaks to your heart to share with women in the world right now.

Simple Guidelines:
Please edit as much as possible and keep your word count within 500 -
800 words

Send in to us as soon as possible, no later than March 5th; the
earlier the better.

We look forward to receiving your words of love and enlightenment.

And please do share our link with your circle of influence,
so that they, like you will receive SBIYL eMagazine FREE (on a
bimonthly basis).


Love, Light and Joy,



Robin Lee Sardini said...

That's wonderful, Andrea! Congratulations to you! :-)

AC Associates said...

Hello Robin,
I was hoping you would see this. You were one of the people I had in mind as I read this email and invitation. You have words of wisdom that more women need to hear. Will you consider this invitation?

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful.

Let us all know when it is going to be so we can hop on over.

AC Associates said...

Hi Cooper,
Thanks. I actually just submitted a few articles edited from posts. I'll let you know if any were accepted.

Will you consider the invite? I always love to hear your thoughts, opinions and advice. I'm sure others would as well.

djWhite said...

Congratulations to you.

Nice blog.

AC Associates said...

Hi Deborah,
Thank you very much. It was nice of you to stop by and take the time to comment.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Yes I think I will consider this (quickly)! Thank you for thinking of me!

Ajay said...

Congratulations to you...You deserve this...

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great! congrats! I am so happy for you.

I have something for you at my site.

Love and Blessings,

Faylor St.Hilaire said...

I have a few articles that may be of help that the magazine can lookt and see if it's appropriate.
I'll try to send before the deadline.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the magazine. I looked at the to get a feel of it. I looks very interesting; very spiritual.

AC Associates said...

Hi Robin,
So glad to hear you're considering this. Good luck, I hope your submitted articles get approved. Please let me know.

Thanks for your good wishes...

Thank you. Maybe you want to consider taking part? It's a wonder opportunity to be heard and help one another.
Thanks for the surprise you have for me. I'll be over...

AC Associates said...

Hello fireman,
Thanks for visiting. That's great if you submit some articles. Let me know how it turns out. Good luck!

Hi Faylor,
I wasn't able to download a copy. I kept having problems, but thanks for letting us know. I like the whole concept and what I saw on their site.
Are you considering thier invitation? Please let me know.
Thank you for visiting.

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