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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wall Clocks Need Feeding?

When I'm feeling out of sorts, I find to absorb my negative energy, I am either cleaning the house or redecorating. Today was one of those days and I wanted to spruce up the house on this dreary, snowy day. Since I have been in the market for a wall clock for my living room, I took today to find one that will fit in perfectly with my "tuscan" home decor. I never realized the huge assortment of wall clocks available to me, but I believe I finally found one at an affordable price.

It's a Seth Thomas Naples wall clock. What an appropriate name, right? Brown rattan and black wire with decorative scrollwork. It actually matches a large painting of a Tuscan scene I have hanging on the wall. This small purchase will make me feel so much better and at the same time, have my living room finally pulled together.

I found this piece at 1-800-4clocks.com. I was impressed with the inventory presented, which included Howard Miller Clocks.

While on their site, I clicked over to their blog. I am addicted to blogs! I found many interesting and informative posts related to clocks. One post especially caught my eye, which is why I named this post... Wall Clocks Need Feeding. The post was titled 'Grandfather Clock Care and Feeding: Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks too!'
I was not aware that grandfather clocks or even wall clocks need regular maintenance and oiling (feeding). This was an informative post which listed the time intervals for maintenance and explained how feeding will help your clock keep accurate time.

Want to learn more about clocks? Click HERE to visit 1-800-4clocks.com

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