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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Women's Intuition

Do you believe in women's intuition ? I know I have experienced these gut feelings for as long as I can remember. I have also experienced dreams which later came true, knew when the phone is about to ring, talk about someone or think about someone and later they appear at some point during that same day, experienced spiritual angel visits...among other happenings.

At the same time Women's intuition is believed and admired, it is also laughed at and discredited. Some say this intuition is not soley a women's, but even men have and can develop intuition. Take Edgar Cayce...one of the most famed intuitives. He believed in insights, guidance and wisdom. Spoke about our spiritual awareness, karmic patterns, heath connections, and intuition. He encouraged everyone to believe in and develop their connection to their own source of intuition.

Do you trust your intuition enough to make decisions? Most times I have listened and proved to be correct in my decision. Other times I am only confused. Probably because I don't want to listen or accept what my inner voice is telling me. I have been experiencing that a little bit lately. Nagging gut feelings that won't go away, but I am sure I will work out this situation.

I think our inner voice can guide us to make the right choices. Whether it's related to career, relationships, friends, money etc...Most of the time we rely on 'common sense', but I believe our inner voice does and should play a part in decision making.

What do you do when you hear your inner voice whispering to you? Do you dismiss your gut feeling or act upon it?


Cooper said...

I believe in gut feelings, and I think it important to go with them.

Ajay said...

I dont know you believe me or not but what you explained about you intutive feeling it happnens often with me but I dont share it with anybody because fear of that people will laugh at me..I agree women have more powerful sixth sense than men and I raid alot of books over it..Even when Albert Einstien was dying ,he said that "I believe that intution is more powerful than logic".

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Intuition is real. Although it's not always pleasant to hear what our intuition is saying, it's there for a good reason, to help us.

AC Associates said...

Hi Cooper,
Thanks for sharing. I believe in those deep gut feelings too. As Robin said below, sometimes we just don't like to hear what the voice of intution is telling us.But, I think we need to pay close attention.

Hi Ajay,
I believe you. Some people are more in tune, more aware of these intuitive feelings than others. I believe it is our soul speaking to us, which knowd what is right for us. THe choice we have is whether we listen or not.

Hi Robin,
Yes, I agree 100%. It is real and sometimes it's difficult to listen because we do not like what we're hearing. Thank you for sharing and for being here.

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