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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Show Love Everyday

February seems to be the month of 'love'. There is so much hype over Valentines Day. All the card creators and candy manufactures making a bundle. But,...

Why do we need one day to feel we are loved or show our love? I think we should be showing love to all the people in our lives on a day to day basis.

If you happen to be in a relationship, there are so many ways to be romantic. Writing a love letter, a poem, creating a romantic dinner, setting aside one night as 'date night'. If you find you can't be creative and need some help, you can take a peek at Romanceforeveryone.com for additional romantic ideas and lessons on how to be romantic. From love letters to creating a romantic scene using rose petals. For the men, there are tips on romancing your woman and how to write a love note. Believe me, she will love receiving a love letter.

When I met my guy (just so happens it was on February 24), we met a few days later for our first date. As it came time to say goodnight, we each walked out, hand and hand and said our goodbyes. I found myself missing him already as I was driving home. Time just went by too quickly and it was a great date!
I couldn't just say I miss you. He'd think I was crazy, but I decided on writing a text to say how much I enjoyed the date and how much I looked forward to seeing him again. As I hit the send button, I received a text from him. He was saying almost the exact same thing! I still have his text and read it from time to time as a reminder of our first date. It brings a warm smile to my face. We still use texting to this day, just to let the other know we're thinking of each other or set the stage for a romantic night. I find it makes me smile and I carry it throughout the day.

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. Romance is for everyone and can easily be brought into a relationship with just a little effort to make that certain someone feel special. It doesn't matter if you're newly dating, in a serious relationship or married. I think it's important to keep up with the little touches to make someone feel they matter and are cared about.

How do you show that special someone in your life they are loved? Share some romantic ideas.


Anonymous said...

I like this question. It remindes me one of my favourite books, The Five Love Languages. I refer to this book in my blog post:


I feel loved when my husband show me he understands me and what I need to feel loved. He does a good job, we have been married almost 25 years (happily I might add).

With gratitude....

AC Associates said...

Hello Louise,
Nice to have you here. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on 25 HAPPY years together!
I will check out the book you refer to. It sounds like something I would enjoy also.
Showing love everyday and not only on certain occasions is most important I believe.

Unknown said...

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