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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Witnessing An Act of Kindness

Yesterday my Mom and I took a break from some morning errands and stopped at our neighborhood diner for a cup of coffee/tea.

I'm a people watcher, so as people were coming in, I always notice. This diner is a favorite among senior citizens, so as lunch time was approaching, the diner started to fill up.

I noticed 3 men, probably in their 30's, being seated by the window. They were obviously taking a break for lunch from their landscaping job.

A short time passed and I was noticing out the window a car that had pulled up to the front door. The driver was dropping off an old women. She was trying to get out of the car and walk to the front door.

One of the men that were seated by the window, got up and walked outside to help this women. I sat there and at first, couldn't believe it. How extremely nice of him!
He helped her out of the car, opened the door and walked her inside. They exchanged words and he just sat back down.

That act of kindness brought a smile to my face. It made ME feel good to know there are people out there that take a minute of their time to do something completely unexpected and kind for someone else. I wonder how he felt after helping that women?

After seeing this, I am sure that man has a big heart and most often shows kindness.

I had wanted to tell him that I witnessed his act of kindness and how nice of him it was, but the 3 men left before I had the chance.

Bring a smile to someones face and do an act of kindness for someone. You can make a difference...

You can never do kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Anonymous said...

Acts of kindness come deep from the heart. They are embedded as we live our lives.

Amongst other things, including jumper cables, flares, tow straps and a small med kit, I also carry a can of 'fix-a-flat' with me.

Many years ago, a woman was stopped on a local interstate with a flat tire. I stopped, and gave her my can of 'fix-a-flat', and it worked. She was able to get the car on her way.

I guess I gave her my business card, because nine years later, she called me at work to tell me that she came across a young girl on a remote country road late at night with a flat tire. And she gave that girl the same generosity.

Not only did she help out that girl, but wanted to thank me for the insperation to do so.

'fix-a-flat' is about five bucks. Friendship, even momentary or distant, is priceless.

Never loose the opportunity to help your friends....... or your strangers.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I also love observing people around me anywhere I go. And there were this kind of acts that I witnessed myself. It brought a smile to my face, too. Thank you for sharing this one. It made me smile :)

Btw, I really do love your blog. Yours is one of the few blogs I discovered through Entrecard that is now part of my favorites :)


Health Products For You said...

hi there, this is a simple yet touching story. if only every one will consider being kind and showing it through actions, this world will be a better place

AC Associates said...

Hello annonymous,
Thanks for visiting and sharing.
Kindness is a wonderful thing and you never know how your act of kindness will affect another.

Your act of kindness allowed another to do the same...pay it forward.

AC Associates said...

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for visiting and sharing...also for your kind words.

I love people watching and every once in awhile you observe a really nice thing. And...it's catchy because like us, when observing something 'good', it brings a smile and a good feeling to others.

AC Associates said...

Hi Irish,
Yes, you are right. This world would be a better place.
Thank you for visiting.

Unknown said...

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