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Friday, May 2, 2008

A Scientific Way to Name Your Baby?

A friend of mine was telling me that she saw this ad on TV about a company called TheRightBabyName.Com . It explains there is a scientific way to name your baby.

I have posted before about the names parents have given their children. Some are outrageous.

The Right Baby Name explains there is statistical data on a name's "uniqueness", "goodwill", and "fit". Uniqueness refers to a name's memorability and frequency. Goodwill refers to general public perception of a name's class, economic, and educational implications. The fit of a name refers to how a name matches your family, ethnicity, and religion. There is also some data on the association of names with celebrities, Ivy Leaguers, academics and professional success.

I was so curious that I checked out The Right Baby Name and found all sorts of tools and information for expecting parents. They give you name comparison, name recommendations, name meanings, a name poll and a name type analysis.

Back in the day when I was pregnant, I will admit to buying a baby name book and looking up the meanings on some names. I realize now a days, people give this much more thought.

The Right Baby Name also offers other useful links for expectant mothers on pregnancy and specials off on maternity wear. You'll find links for what to expect while expecting, understanding your baby and free products and samples.

So, if you are expecting, this might be a great site for you to check out and learn how to name your baby the scientific way.

TheRightBabyName.Com...Register For Free Trial Today!

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