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Friday, May 16, 2008

Teenagers Who Bully

I have trouble comprehending the ways some of our children are behaving. We've been hearing alot about and seeing youtube videos of kids bullying others.

What is happening to the minds of our youth? What posses them to do this to one another?

Just this morning I heard about the teenager being charged with the death of another due to the taunting caused by way of a fake myspace page. The accused set up this fake 'boy' myspace page and repeatedly contacted the girl and bullied her...literally to death.

The accused caused so much pain to this other teenager. It boggles my mind that the accused actually carefully thought out and planned this torture. The other girl was under such pressure, was depressed and was experiencing emotional harm...in the end, she hung herself! I can't fathom this... Now children are dealing with cyber-bullying too?

Think of the families...not only for the family who lost their young child, but the family of the accused.

It is said that one student in 10 is bullied at least once a week. Bullying can either be physical, verbal or emotional (shunning, spreading nasty gossip). It is deliberate and hurtful behavior to another.

If you are a parent with young children, please read below the warning signs that a child is being bullied, according to About.com,

* Comes home with torn, damaged, or missing pieces of clothing, books, or other belongings
* Has unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches
* Has few, if any friends, with whom he or she spends time with
* Seems afraid of going to school, walking to and from school, riding the school bus, or taking part in organized activities with peers (such as clubs)
* Takes a long, “illogical” route when walking to or from school
* Has lost interest in school work or suddenly begins to do poorly in school
* Appears sad, moody, teary, or depressed when he or she comes home
* Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or other physical ailments
* Has trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams
* Experiences a loss of appetite
* Appears anxious and/or suffers from low self-esteem

Bullying should not be a normal part of growing up...

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