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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bringing Awareness to Art

If you are lucky enough to live in Orange, Texas, you are already aware of the
Stark Museum of Art.

The museum concentrates on the 19th and 20th century nature, art and artifacts of the American West. Their collections of Western Art, American Indian Art and Decorative Arts focuses on the beautiful land, the people, and wildlife. The Museum also houses a collection of glass, porcelain and rare books.

They have unique changing exhibits that explore the artist's art in greater detail or when something new presents itself.

Within the Western Art collection, the featured artists presents their of interpretation of the western region over two centuries.

Artist Dorothy Doughty has her display of porcelain birds in the Decorative Arts collection and there are numerous pieces from Steuben Glass.

If like me, you don't live in Texas, you can visit the website online and view the collections that are displayed. Read the history of the museum and the details of the exhibits. I have always had an interest in American Indians and their art. The way they lived, their beliefs, their stories...it just fascinated me. The dream catcher has always been a favorite of mine. I am lucky to have an authentic dream catcher.The legend is that the bad dreams will get caught in the web. I also like the pottery and the bead work.

At the Stark Museum, the American Indian Art was created by the tribes of the Great Plains, Southwest, Eastern Woodlands and Northwest Coast. Visit their online store for books,posters, magnets,note cards, and limited-edition gifts or better yet, let's go to Texas and see the collections up close and personal!

To bring more awareness or to encourage an interest in the art, The Start Museum offers educational resources for teachers, students, researchers and the general public.

The Stark Museum supports the Stark Foundation, which is a non-profit
organization that wants to improve the quality of life in Southeast Texas by encouraging, promoting and assisting education, the arts, and health and human services. That is a great mission of the foundation, don't you think?

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