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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freebies...For Real

While thumbing through the June edition of Woman's Day magazine, I came across an article about the surprising things you can get for free. Well...almost...you might have to pay a small shipping charge for a couple mentioned, but for the items you are getting, it is certainly worth it. I've already taken advantage of a few of these offers and had no problems.

Check these out if you're interested. Some of these are really no strings attached, no hidden agendas...

Silver Jewelry
The silver jewelry club at silverjewlryclub.com offers high quality gem stone jewelry including silver rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. You might have to pay $5.99 for shipping, but this isn't junk... This site is giving away jewelry to promote their products.
Want Jewelry For Free? Click HERE

Online Checking Account at INGDirect.com
Not a savings account, but a checking account....completely free. Electric Orange, thru ING Direct is a paperless checking account that pays you up to 3.4 percent interest on your balance. Depost your paycheck, transfer money, send a paper or electronic check, pay bills all SECURE. They offer a great interest rate on a savings account too.

**FYI: I opened a savings account and if you want to open an account too and get free $25 deposited, just let me know. If I refer you with just your name and email, the bank will give you the $25.00 for either a savings or checking with a $250.00 initial deposit (I'd receive $10). It's free money...thought I'd mention it.

Business Cards
Vista Print offers amazing quality business cards and other printing freebies (including invites). visitaprint.com http://www.vistaprint.com/frf?frf=891430546747 You may have to pay $5.00 for shipping but for the quality it's worth it.

Expert Computer Help
Need help with a computer glitch or ever pull your hair out when your computer is acting up? Want to learn how to use HTML? You can submit your question to protonic.com and you'll get a prompt answer back from a volunteer expert for FREE.
This company truly likes to help people and is tired of other companies taking advantage of people by charging high prices.

**Can you believe that? I had to read that twice myself.

Spam Filter
Get rid of the solicitations that clog up your inbox. For Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail, this company offers a free download to get rid of spam spamato.net.
FYI: PC World Magazine named Spamato one of the 101 Fantastic Freebies

Business Classes
Learn everything from how to write a business plan to how to finance your venture through the Small Business Administration's website. sba.gov
Online courses are FREE and take about 30 mintues each

Allrecipes.com features recipes from home cooks and is now offering FREE downloadable cookbooks for many occasions (listed under tips & Advice)


Is it really free or a scam? It could be a scam if:

1. You're being offered a free car just to take a survey? Get a laptop for a single click...no way
2. You're a winner, but you have to pay a fee to claim your prize
3. Paying shipping of about $4-6 bucks ....okay, but when they're asking for over $50..nope
4. A website offers nothing but free stuff is probably an email collection site for spammers
5. There's ALOT of fine print (make sure you read it) and you have to agree and accept alot of terms.
6. You have to make a purchase to get the freebie
7. You must give a credit card number to get the free item
8. There's a free trial period..ok, some might be worth it,but if the company makes it hard to cancel...you're stuck


Rebecca said...

I've personally used Vistaprint.com for all of my business needs. From business cards, to invoices, to stationary...I think I spent less than $5 for 500 business cards, and then everything else is majorly discounted. Buy this at half off, and you get that free. I love it!

AC Associates said...

Hi Rebecca,
I always use vistaprint for my business cards and postcards. The quality is great and for the price, you can beat it.
I get special offers with discounts and I've saved tons.

I wanted to bring these special offers to the attention of my readers because every little savings helps.
And...freebies are a good thing!

Have a great holiday weekend.

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