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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Food Store is a Trap!

Why is it that when I went to the food store today, I bought more than what was on my list...again? This happens all the time. I go in for just a couple things and I walk out with a few bags ! That means, I've spent more than I intended to.

Do you have this problem too?

I decided that I should NEVER go into the food store whether it's for a few things or a week's worth while hungry. The smell of the baked goods drive me crazy and makes me even hungrier, so I think I buy more.

Then you have the deals that you see...those big SALE signs or the two for sales. I think that makes you be alittle bit impulsive, don't you? The food store is not the only place I impulsively shop. How about when you're clothes shopping and you see those very same signs...you tend to buy. The stores make us take the bait and then they reel us in.

Another way I think will put an end to buying more is to stick to my list and only go into the isles I know have what I'm looking for. If I start to wander down other isles, I see something I 'think' I need and just put it in my cart.

I came home today, unpacked the bags and thought...why the heck did I buy that?...I didn't need it. Now I feel like I wasted money that I could have used for something else. Not that the item won't be used, but probably not for awhile. It could have waited...

The food store is a trap..haha...


Rebecca said...

Lol! I went into our local market, just for some soy milk and some bananas. $75 and an hour later, I'm headed home!!! Ouch! ;)

AC Associates said...

Hi Rebecca,
I know the feeling all too well. Happens to me alot, but now I'm working on getting and spending only on what I intended. Went shopping yesterday and it worked!
Thanks for visiting.

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