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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Teeth Saga Continues

Well, it seems the problem with the teeth is continuing. The temporary dental repair did help, but when I went to the dentist yesterday, the tooth couldn't be saved. My nerve was somewhat exposed.

With the choices I was given, I decided to have the tooth pulled. ouch! The dentist gave me the 2 needles to numb the area, but I kept feeling what he was doing. In total, I had to have 6 needles and a topical treatment.

Things were going along smoothly when I got home and once the numbness wore off, I wasn't in alot of pain. I thought....this isn't so bad...but (there's always a but) tonight I have a fever.

I needed to phone the emergency on call dentist to get an antibotic. So...this weekend is a bust.
My side of my face now is achy and down into my jaw, ear and neck...

I've been catching up on sleep and all the movies on tv. I've slept so much today and now I'm awake, so I wanted to catch up here at a Circle of Women...

So this is where I remind you all to take care of your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly. Brush twice a day and floss. Taking care of your teeth will prevent plaque buildup, which is bacteria. This can lead into gingivitis and then periodontitis.

Many heart-attack patients also have gingivitis. A peer-reviewed scientific study found a direct correlation between the amount of plaque on the teeth and the amount of plaque in the arteries. Healthy teeth mean a healthy heart.

If the dentist tells you to come back to get any cavities filled. DO IT. If you don't, it will lead to other problems.


Ajay said...

This incident of yours "Teethology" reminds me of my father once he went same trauma.Life is strange dont you think?, we care about our body whole life yet we cant stop decaying it when its times came.Thats give great lesson of life, do care,share,love your body, mind,soul but once its time came all went into ashes so dont worry because its invitable just accept and face it . So enjoy every bit of moment in our life.Stop worrying............

AC Associates said...

Yes Ajay, we can't stop the aging process. No matter how much we take care of ourselves,it's just out of our hands when we will be called 'home'.
But, while here and enjoying life, we should all take care of our bodies, mind and soul.
Thanks for sharing...

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