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Friday, November 23, 2007

Receiving Special Gifts

My friend and inspiration, Zubli has presented me with two awards. I feel overwhelmed at his thoughtfullness and constant wind beneath my wings.

As Thanksgiving passes, I continue to be thankful for him and so many others that have believed in me and encouraged me through their friendship, comments and help that I have become addicted to writing on my blog and try to do my best.

I guess I should have listened to my teacher back in high school who told me that I should pursue writing and one day will enjoy it. Who would of thought that many, many years later, I would be doing just that. Writing not only one blog, but two.

Be The Blog award

Wow! This is a such a nice award. I salute Mark the initiator of this Be The Blog award badge.

According to Mark:

"This badge is for bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it, interact with their readers, and have fun!"

That desription is very fitting for I do try to have fun while presenting some useful information and share my thoughts and ideas.

The other award Zubli presented to me is called 'Winning attitude'

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The acknowledment of a Winning Attitude makes this award the best yet. Through my lifes journey of ups and downs, I have continued to (try) and keep a positive attitude. It takes work sometimes, but it is so worth it. I have made up my mind to be happy and optimistic.

The creator of this award, Mel from Attitude, The ultimate Power states "this award is based on positive thinking and is meant for those blogs who base their existence, in part or in whole, on Positive Winning Attitudes".

I have tried to pass along my positive attitude by way of my posts here and when my readers leave comments thanking me for the inspiration, for the ways I have touched them, I can't begin to tell you how surreal that is for me. That I, ME can make a difference by sharing a positive attitude.

Mel dedicates his entire blog to the development of one's attitude. I was immediately drawn to him and his blog for that very reason. The same holds true with Zubli and his dedication to bring happiness and share his winning attitude towards helping others.
Both Mel and Zubli possess a giving nature that you don't find too often and am very grateful that I met them through blogging.


DubLiMan said...

Your kind words really touched me. I knew Zubli would find appropriate sites for this award to call home, and it has a good home with you.

AC Associates said...

Hi Mel,
Thank you, that means alot to me.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

I came over here to tell you that I am awarding you the Be The Blog Award and I see Zubli beat me ;-). Well I give it to you also.

AC Associates said...

You are so special...Thank you for including me and thinking I deserve this.

It is all overwhelming and so appreciated. Thank you
Many Blessigs~

Gelombang Rakyat said...

To me dispersing awards is easy. Yet to present awards, meaningful ones, such as I have the opportunity receiving and presenting, to the one who is truly deserving such as ac2369, is truly a responsibility that is supported with accountability. Thus, Mel can affirm here, as he has, the award found a home. Nice! I know Robin Lee Sardini a very credible individual, and for thinking alike here, as we both awarded the ac2369 we much respect, we are both first, a timeless giving. Now I know more.

Debbie Dolphin said...

Debbie Dolphin has sailed the digital seas to honor you with a few beaming Blog Awards!

To receive your awards, please sail over to The Beacon Blogosphere Awards.

AC Associates said...

My Dear Zubli,
Isn't Robin just the sweetest?! and Mel and without a doubt YOU...
It's just so hard to believe that people think I'm deserving. This experience has lifted me and I am truly grateful to the wonderful people that have come into my life.
Many Blessings and a BIG muah!

Oh my...I don't know what to say...thank you! I will sail on over and see what awaits me.

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