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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Be Your Own Life Coach

I recently posted about "Thinking Outside The Lines" and how choosing a different thinking process can change the outcome of situations and/or dilemmas you may find yourself in. I wanted to share with you how easy it can be for you to be your own life coach.

You are after all, responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment and there are ways you can be successful in bringing about peace and happiness to your life.

Pick a challenge you are currently facing. By asking yourself a few simple questions you will be surprised what your inner wisdom reveals to you.

By asking yourself:

Is this good for me? Instead of making a snap decision, think...don't ask friends, make the pros and cons list. Just simply ask yourself is this good for you...physically, mentally and spiritually. Will your decision be the same today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Will you still be happy with your decision down the road?

What would your role model do? Frequently thinking what your role model would do in your situation will give you time to think and tap into your wisdom of your role model and you for that matter.

What are my values? Do you regularly act on your values?

What am I not seeing? Are you like me and occasionally wear blinders? Sometimes we don't see something because we simply don't want to see it. Step out of the box and look at the situation like you're an outsider. Things may look differently to you. I know sometimes when I am directly in a situation, I do see things differently then when I suddenly find myself out of it.

What really matters? It's not really just about right or wrong. It's about knowing what's important. Do you find yourself with a to-do list of like 10 things and start to feel overwhelmed? Do you feel disappointed in yourself when you didn't finish doing all the things on your list? What's really important? If you do what's important to you and allow the others things to wait, you will be more relaxed and feel successful

Where Should You Act or When You Should Step Back? Do you sometimes feel confused over what is yours to do and what isn't? Have you acted too soon or made a decision or judgment without knowing all the information or stepped in where your input wasn't really necessary? When asking ourselves what our part is, when we should wait and let things work out for themselves, we'll get a clear picture of what our role is.

I am learning this last question rather well. I recently spoke and acted too soon about something and luckily I caught myself before it bit me in a negative way. Thankfully the person has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul and accepted my apology after I explained why I did what I did. We all are still learning in this life, aren't we?

What would Make me happy? Have you ever made a list of all the things that would make you happy? How many did you do? Think about being happy NOW...don't concentrate on something that you know you cannot obtain immediately. Getting to be happy everyday is a wonderful feeling. If you're facing a challenge, ask yourself...what would make me happy.

Who Could You Turn to if You truly Need Help from Someone? Knowing who you can trust and turn to if you really needed help in a situation will help you manage better.

Source: Beliefnet.com

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