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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Biotene Bringing Back My Smile

Who likes going to the dentist? not me...Actually I've had a fear of the dentist since I was young, but you have to do, what you have to do...

In the past, I have had to discuss with my dentist how my teeth felt sensitive. I had noticed when drinking hot or cold drinks, I felt a twinge of pain. The dentist explained sensitivity like this: Enamel protects the crowns of the teeth. There's a layer of cementum that protects the tooth root under the gum line and underneath that is dentin. The dentin contains small hollow tubes and canals. When the dentin loses its protective covering, those tubes is what gets sensitive to hot, cold or even sticky foods while chewing. You might even feel the twinge of pain when breathing through your mouth.

Sensitive teeth can be treated and I was advised to use a sensitive toothpaste which contains a compound that will help block the sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve.

Since this problem is reoccurring, I was given a sample of Biotene to use. This new toothpaste does not just mask the problem, but actually promotes healing. I've been using the toothpaste for the last couple days and I already feel the difference. I no longer see 'pink' in the sink and the sensitivity is lessening. I also noticed immediately that unlike regular toothpaste, it doesn't foam. At first I wasn't sure if I liked this or not, but after a couple times brushing, I actually do like less foam. I am not loosing benefits of cavity protection, this toothpaste is providing that along with preventing dry mouth.

If I had had this toothpaste when I first noticed the sensitivity, I may not be having this problem again.

Before you think you may need special treatment for sensitive teeth, try using this toothpaste. It may save you from needing any additional procedures.

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