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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hugging Not Allowed in California?

Ok, I just came across this and I'm perplexed. A middle school in California is now punishing children who hug? HUG! With all that is going on in our schools...the drugs, violence, lack of learning...they're worried about chldren hugging?

I've posted on this blog in the past about the benefits of hugging. I certainly can understand concern if there was unwelcomed touching, but to have a ruling on hugging in which children are getting suspended?

After you read this, please tell me your thoughts...


Debbie Dolphin said...

Simple solution: Since Parents pay their salaries, the Parents should fire all school officials refusing to remove the hugging rule.

In unrelated surprising late breaking news,
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Cooper said...

It's ridiculous of course.

AC Associates said...

Hi Debbie,
Good solution but I wish it could be that easy. I just think this is the silliest thing I've heard. Don't you think we have other important issues to worry about?

Unrealted news, but GREAT news! Congrats to you and thanks for including me.

Hey Cooper,
You said it! and I couldn't agree more.

Debbie Dolphin said...

It should be that simple but, who knows what legal loopholes may exist protecting these blind officials?

On the other hand, public pressure and petitions will move Ahh...nold Schwarzenegger's government swiftly to terminate the problem!

With all the recent natural disasters to deal with, Californians should not have to deal with absurd manmade problems.

On unrelated news, your welcome!

AC Associates said...

Hi Debbie,
I so agree...should we really put our time and energy into this "hugging" rule when we are faced with so many other issues?
It just really disgusts me...

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Ridiculous indeed .My son's Catholic college co -ed high school school recently introduced a similar policy - absolutely not touching at all - not even handshakes or high five (greeting -with palms).
It is sad it has come to this but they say it was because of bullying behaviour.

AC Associates said...

I can't believe it. Not even a high five? that's just crazy to me.
Do the teachers have to abide by these rules also? no handshakes?

This world is just getting crazier to me.

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