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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Drive Hard/Die Hard Contest

With tomorrow being Black Friday, many people will be out shopping for holiday presents at their favorite department stores. Long lines at the check outs, crowds in the stores and traffic on the roads heading to the mall is not how I want to spend my day off.

I figure it's the best time to stay away from shopping and get my car an over due oil change at my local AAMCO. When I made my appointment they told me about this Drive Hard/Die Hard 4 contest they were having. The chance to win a free trip to Hollywood and spend a day with the stunt coordinator from Die Hard 4. If you win, the trip includes airfare for 2 plus accommodations and also includes transfer to location for stunt day.

I went to the Aamco website and was able to enter the contest.You are allowed one entry per day. The contest ends on December 1st. I would love to win this trip. Number one: I've never been to California and Hollywood is a place I have always wanted to visit. Number two: It would be free and Number three: Always having an interest in how these stunt people do what they do, seeing one up close and personal AND being a part of this movie would really be something.

Winning this contest would sure be one fantastic Christmas present to me....if you are interested, be sure to enter yourself.

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