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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taking a Chance...

As I mentioned the other day, I hadn’t been feeling up to par. It seems a lot of people are complaining of not feeling well. Global in fact… It seems more people get sick around the change of season. Thanks for all the well wishes.

I believe my stomach bug was accompanied by being worn down by stress. Work drama that I was dealing with on a day to day basis, plus other life situations thrown my way just made me feel tired. I felt like a rock at the edge of the beach. Wave after wave pounding upon me. My choices were to keep taking it or do something about it. Complaining about it or feeling the stress of the situations was not helping, nor would that change anything, so I had to do something different. My brain was yelling....STOP…ENOUGH already…

We truly are in control of our life and what is happening around us. I took the bull by the horns and decided to do something. I was beginning to feel I was not centered….everything around me was off balance. I needed to regroup, get back in control.

I Got a plan together, made the to –do list and started picking away at those things that needed to be changed….one by one. My work related problem was the toughest actually for it included other people causing the issue, but reflected on me. I took a deep breath, swallowed some pride, threw out the notion of who was right and who was wrong, realized what was best for the situation and I made phone calls to the parties involved.

I wasn't sure how this would work, it could have back fired, but at this point I hadn't anything to lose but more to gain, so I took a chance.

I Suggested my plan and I was successful in having them see a new point of view. Only after 2 days back into work, you can feel the difference. The air is lighter, the stress lifted…ahhhhh…much better

I knew something had to be done. Management wasn't ‘managing’ so someone had to grow some gonads and do something. I’m glad I did

My other issues are currently being worked on and I am positive they will work out for the best. Sometimes it takes some thought and looking at a different point of view to see a solution. If what you are doing is not working, realize a change in the way you are handling a situation can bring about a positive result. Sometimes the solution rests with YOU even if someone else is causing a problem.

Taking a chance, asking a higher spiritual guide for help or digging deep within yourself will provide the answers you need.


Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying, it is in a way organizing our life and compartmentalizing things and placing them in their appropriate level of meaningfulness.

I hope you continue to feel better.

Ajay said...

R u ok? Or just get bored when people around u do lot of negative things? But i know you will overcome all soon as you do have great postive energy...

AC Associates said...

Hi Cooper,
I'm so glad you understand! Yes, it did feel as if I was organizing and getting rid of the unimportant things going on. Stress is not something I enjoy...
I'm feeling so much better and things are improving due to my actions. I guess as we ride the ups and downs of life, we go thru phases. The phase I recently went thru brought positive things and I'm grateful.

Hey Ajay,
Thanks for asking. You are so sweet. I'm doing just great. I think my positive attitude helps me get through many experiences, both positive and negative, good/bad.
Its not that I get bored. Maybe I don't have patience for negative.
As I said to Cooper, we all go thru phases. Sometimes things hit us several at the time and it feels overwhelming, but if you take the time to plan, establish a goal and move forward, stay commited, things work out just the way you want.
Hope you are well...

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