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Sunday, March 16, 2008

For "CHICKS" Only

I just stumbled on the best site and I wanted to share it with you. It's such a fantastic idea and I am sure you women will agree.

How many of you have taken a Chick vacation? One where you can just be yourself, without the men in your lives? A trip for total female bonding: to share your thoughts, your experiences, ideas and life's problems. A trip where you receive the nourishing support one needs from a girlfriend. Maybe even a trip to catch up with friends who you haven't seen in awhile.

Let's face it...men have been taking male bonding trips...those fishing trips, hunting trips and even the baseball tournament outings. Now it's OUR turn to not feel guilty to get away and experience a trip with the girls. I know I feel a calming affect when I am with the girls for a night or even when I have gotten away to have some fun. It's a lasting affect and one I believe we all need.

Don't have a girlfriend who is able to get away with you? At Chickable...life's a chick trip...you can locate other women who share your interests and passions for a group getaway. This trip could be for a night, a weekend or an extended vacation. Meet new friends and connect with other women. Experience the 'feel good' benefits of getting away with your friends. Alone time so to speak from your significant other, husband, children, the stress of everyday life.

Taking a chick trip is a chance to take time for ourselves that we often don't do. To love ourselves...to rejuvenate.

Chickable is also promoting a chance to win a free chick trip. Visit Chickable.com to sign up for free.

Your thoughts? Have you ever taken a chick trip? What did you like best about getting away with the girls?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I'm signing up today! Thanks so much for this informative post!

I will be traveling a lot for a new job, and often times, I'd just prefer to extend the visit over a weekend and explore, or shop. But, sometimes it's no fun (or safe, for that matter) on your own...especially if you'd like to visit a great place to dine or dance.

This seems like a great website!

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