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Friday, March 28, 2008

A Positive Approach at College

I work for a municipal engineering firm and I love the fact that they are involved with a college co-op program that allows students to gain hands on experience in the field of engineering. This also allows the students to figure out if this is truly the field they are interested in. Most of the students upon graduation usually apply back to the firm for a full time position. It's a win win for both the firm and the students. The students have already gained experience and are familiar with the firm and the firm knows the work ethics of the students.

Attending college is great, but being in a classroom all day just doesn't give the student the feeling of actually participating and working in the field of choice.

Kettering University has been ranked number one by US News and World Report for being America's best colleges. They offer engineering co-op programs to their students also. In the student's freshman year, Kettering alternates the student between school and their placement job every three months. This experience gained is extremely helpful with their continued studies.

A benefit that students enjoy are the earnings. They receive a weekly salary in the professional field they are interested in. Most students are bogged down all day with classes, then work at night for the extra money needed. This leaves no time for homework or studying. I think this is disruptive to the students. Students on co-op can work during the day, earn their salary and have their nights free to study.

I think it's great there are colleges out there that realize the importance of classroom studies combined with workplace experience that gives the ultimate learning experience for the students. This also allows the students to gain confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Students interested in industrial engineering,Manufacturing or Mechanical engineering should truly learn more about the Kettering program.

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