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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Fallen Solider

The affect of the war has come close to home. My mom’s friend of almost 60 years, lost her 23 yr old grandson last week in a terrorist bombing in Afghanistan. Being at the wake last night was very emotional. The 6 Army soldiers that traveled with Steve, guard him 24 hours. The emotions on their faces, in their eyes were evident. The Governor of New Jersey greeted the attendees with words of attempted comfort.

Steve leaves behind not only family and friends, but a young wife and a 14 month old daughter. His daughter will never actually know her father. Steve was scheduled to return home next month.

As I proceeded to express my sympathy to my mom’s friend (who I know rather well), her daughter and family and to Steve’s wife, I couldn’t help but to feel angry…anger directed toward the war and those involved. Then came disbelief and sadness.

I watched the soldiers. I just couldn’t take my eyes from them. Two of the soldiers that took the trip, looked liked babies…so young… innocent to so many other things in life, yet seeing so much in their brief years. How sad to think that their minds will be forever affected. By what they must do, what they have seen…as with anyone associated in war. Here these two young men are not legally old enough to buy cigarettes or alcohol. Barely past the age to register to vote… driving experience of a very short time… Yet they are trained, handed a weapon and taught to kill to defend us. I can’t fathom that thought.

I made eye contact with one solider. We spoke silently. As he viewed the family pictures, scanned the room of family and friends, you could almost see his mind going in so many directions. As he turned with misty eyes, I extended my hand. We shook hands and to my surprise...he said "thank you"

Can you imagine? HE thanked me.

Before I left the funeral home last night, I shook hands with each soldier, with the exception of the soldier guarding the casket.

Thanking them for what they are going through for each one of us was the least I can do...

For each one who is affected by this war...who may have a loved one away from home, for each one who has lost a loved one...I am so very sorry you have to go through this experience.


smsinspire said...

Its so sad.Unnecessarily Innocent lifes are in the air.What makes people to attack like this.Wen they will realise Every one is resposible for their family.What they achieved killing innocent.Instead of war agiainst other its better to have war agianst thyself to make mind helathy and spread goodness.

AC Associates said...

Hello smsinspire,
Thanks for visiting and sharing.It is very sad...
Making ourselves healthy...mind, body and soul and spreading the goodness is a fine idea. I wish more thought that way...
Life is full of both good and evil, positive and negative...and unfortunately we all must experience it.

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