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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Hospital Visit...

I usually don't like to let so much time go by in between posting, but I have been sick again since the weekend.

I briefly mentioned in a prior post that I was feeling ill. I did have a few days where I felt better, but... Having first thought it was a stomach bug and then thinking it was stress related, I finally had to go to the hospital.

After testing, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. The preparation for the CAT scan (contrast & dyes) has caused a reaction and now my symptoms are much worse, but hopefully this will subside within a day.

The positive to this is that I am so familiar with this disease I know what to do to help myself. My son also has Crohn's and I have taken care of him during his flare ups. Diet is key and I am working on that so I can snap myself into remission and be pain and symptom free.

Bear with me, I'll be posting regular again real soon.


Anonymous said...

Feel better. Once of my roommates had it and my good friend's dad has it, my good friend has JD I guess the propensity for autoimmune illnesses does run in families.
You take care of yourself.

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