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Friday, November 14, 2008

Will the Current Economy Affect Your Holidays?

Well, I started my Christmas shopping this month and I am almost done. Stuck on a few ideas for Mom and my brother. They are always the hardest to buy for. They have everything!

I noticed I am paying attention to the sales more than usual and taking advantage of specials buys. Money is tighter now, not only due to the economic situation we are facing, but also because I've been home recovering from my back surgery.

I'm not just buying gifts because they cost less. I'm looking for the best deal on an item I want.I'm proud of myself for spending half the amount I spent last year (so far) and to be honest, my selections this year are even better.

I also don't buy online until I look for those online coupon codes I have posted about before. Believe me, don't pay for anything until you check out if there are coupons for the store you are buying from. There are coupons for just about every store, so don't think there aren't offers out there. There ARE! I have saved SO much money this way. If you are looking at an item from Amazon, or Best Buy or even JC Penneys...just enter store name + Coupons in your browser and you will see a list of codes available. Do this with every store you intend to purchase from. THe savings will add up.

There are also sites showcasing Black Friday deals expected. The deals are crazy good, so don't do any shopping until you check out the best deal for the item you are looking for. Why spend more, right? Get the best value for your money.

I had a poll on this site in October. My question was: Will the Current Economy Affect Your Holidays? According to my readers responses, most of us are feeling the affects and will spend less.

71.4 % said they WILL spend less this holiday season
28.6 % responded they haven't thought about the holidays yet

I am thinking that when the 28.6 % of the people start thinking about the holidays, they will indeed spend less.

Have you started your Holiday shopping and if so, do you find you are spending less?


Bobby Revell said...

I hope your surgery recovery is going well Andrea!

I'm saving my money more than ever and have had to cut back on spending for nearly everything. We live in such a credit driven society and I fear that if the economy improves, it may just be another credit bubble because people will start charging away. I tend to pay cash only these days to avoid interest.

I don't buy many gifts, but will splurge for my little niece and nephew. They are young and cute - and in need of presents...lol!

AC Associates said...

Hi Bobby!
I'm doing quite well..thank you...surgery was a success and I'm healing nicely.

You are not alone when you said you're saving more and spending less. Paying cash for things is one way to help avoid credit overload.

I went shopping today and with list in hand, purchased some items I wanted on sale. I saved quite a bit.

ahhh, like you, I will splurge on my neice. How can you not?! ;0)

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