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Sunday, November 2, 2008

College Tuition Out of Control

I was at a family gathering last weekend and one thing that hasn't left my mind is a discussion that took place regarding college tuition.

Learning that my younger cousin is in debt $70,000 from college tuition just upset me. Here is someone that wanted to further his education and try to create a future for himself in a field he enjoys, but now has to start life with so much debt. I can't even imagine having that amount of debt hanging over me. He has to repay this debt at quite a substantial amount each month. How will he afford just 'living'?! buy a house or even a car?

To make matters worse, he isn't even working in the field he received his degree in. Jobs are hard to come by, especially now. Students coming right out of college are forced to take jobs that pay less or are finding it hard to even find employment.

How sad...of course this subject brought other topics to mind, but I will keep those opinions to myself.

I also wonder what will happen in years to come.How will our children be able to afford going to college? If the parents cannot afford to help with expenses, how will they do it?

The children that are just reaching high school age and for those already in their senior year and looking to
further their education...what will happen to them?

Are the teachers or professors getting a fair salary? I doubt it...who is getting all this money from college tuition?

These thoughts keep creeping in my mind...it is just so sad that our world is in this state...

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