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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Three Mysteries

I received the following message in an email from Mary Jo McCabe. She shares her intuitive gifts with thousands of people through group and individual sessions. Mary Jo reads symbols and messages that are passed to her through a group of souls that she refers to as The Guides.

I know this is a rather long post, but this message may speak to you...


When man lives in darkness it is because he has shadowed himself by his past which brings back the memories of his yesteryear. By not letting go of it, he creates for himself struggles that he does not need to experience again.

It is of truth that in your world there are many locks to the door to your past emotions. The lock that keeps you most tied to your past is the emotions that you fear confronting. When you hold yourself back to the emotions of the past, you recreate them in your future. Even though you may not understand why you do this, it creates for you a sense of safety, for you believe that by holding on to these difficult memories it will keep them from happening once again.

All of you have experienced parts of your life that you would not want to re-experience, and yet each of you holds on to these difficult memories as though they are a tomb in your heart that you can never forget. But in truth you must confront the seeds, the events, from which they grew. And, that my dear one is the only part that must remain in your memory.

When you hold on to your past, you are blinding yourself to the gains of your future. It is difficult for you to understand this because your future is a mystery, but that is the purpose of life.
It is truth that in life there are many mysteries, but to us there are only three major mysteries in your Earth. The first one is silence. Silence comes from vision. From knowing a part of you that is old and wise, having no need to change you but just accept you. That is silence. When you begin to truly hear life you hear the silence of which that is. You can then hear the voice of each other because you are not distracted by the puzzlement of yourself.

Perhaps you do not understand the power of silence. You believe that in order to find silence in your world you have to live quietly in life, but that is not silence. Silence is a knowing of you without feeling the need to change you. When you are silent within you, you are at peace with yourself. You are in comfort of your own knowing and you are able to look at yourself completely without fault, without honor, without fear, but just as you are. When silence falls upon you it brings to you humility because you truly begin to see that in you there is a world beyond you. However, you cannot find the silence within you without removing the mask of knowing you.

The second mystery in life is abundance. How to conquer it, how to achieve it, how to explore it -
What is abundance? Abundance in knowing your own rightfulness - what is yours and what is not yours. You believe that in order to have something you must work toward it to acquire it.
In order to have, all you must do is ask for it with pure intentions in your heart. For if you believe you do not earn it, you will not have it and that is why you create such war zones in your life. If you believe you are not worthy of good health, you will not have it. If you believe you are not worthy of food, you will not have food. You must learn to feel abundant in order to be abundant.
You will have an abundant life if you create a positive flow in life. So, you must look at yourself and wonder: What is in you that has not been given freedom?

For instance, if you feel guilty for not exercising your mind, you will never seek to hold your concentration. If you feel guilty about not exercising your body, you will create for yourself bad health. If you create for yourself guilt in the food of which you eat, you will create for yourself abundance in fat. If you do not allow yourself to feel your sorrow, you will have more grief. Any part of your life that is denied will come through another vessel to show you who you are and what is missing in your heart. Abundance comes from the heart, dear one, not from the head. The need to create is simply abundant. It is for that reason that you seek to have in this life.
You must feel abundant in life; you must feel rich in heart. You must look at that part of you that is constantly scolded by you and then you will know what takes from you the abundance of you. It is that, dear ones, that you must see and understand.

The third mystery is the story. You create for yourself the story line of which you seek to follow. You must act responsible in order to develop the story that you want and need.

It is of truth that there are many story lines that you can follow to get to the point of death that you seek because death creates completion. It means on some level that you have acquired the knowledge, the experience, in living that will give to you the next billfold of your own journey - the value, the worth.

You must have the need to create the story for you. You are your own book. If you were to write a book about you, what would you say concerning you? What would you tell to others about you? Even if you wrote your own history and you buried it deep in the walls in life that no one else could see until the day in which you left the Earth, what would you say? Would you talk about your fears? Would you express your needs? Would you look upon your life as one that was accomplished? Or would you think of yourself as being denied? You have a responsibility to live your story. You came here with a story. It is your importance of self that must be found in that story. If you do not think well of you no one else will. If you do not love you no one else can. If you do not know you no one sees you. It is important that you begin to understand those truths.
You have a story, a story to tell, a story to live out, a story to pass on. Your impact in life will be shown to many beyond your life, by the roots that you provided, the anchor that you offered, for those who you loved and adored in your heart and through your heart. And, so it is of importance that all of you learn about your story.

What do you believe your purpose is on this Earth? You already know. Do not ask us. You know your purpose. It does not take you long to look at the falls that you have experienced. It does not take you long to find the greatest joys in your heart. It does not take you long to find the feet on your legs, but you must know the direction your feet are pointing. If your feet are pointed in the past, you will experience life over and over and over and never move forward.

If you want to know if that is the way in which you are standing, look at your life today, what is the message of it? Are you bored with the lessons in life that are given to you? What do you like about your life? What don't you like about your life? What do want to repair in life? These are necessary steps in order to understand the value of letting go of the past. Remember the past is important only if you can see the seed that was sown for you from it. What did it start you out in? What did it create for you? What is it offering you today? Only you can identify that.
So you see, dear ones, everyone has a part of them that is not yet pure in spirit. But you must know that in coming into the physical life there are many things that you must learn in order to find life. The first one is silence, the second is that of abundance, and the third is your story.

What is your story? What is the story line in which you are following?

Let us tell you a story. When man came to the Earth, he looked upon the different waters of the Earth. He saw the waters that had salt in them he saw the waters that were clear and you could not find the difference. And so he comes back into the spirit world and he asked that of his teachers, why are there 2 different types of water on the Earth? And the great teachers of time said, "So that one can remind you of the wounds in which you still hold and the other can remind you of the clarity, the sparkling of life when the wounds are no longer there."

And so it is your choice today. Do you want to live where things are not clear? The water is of purpose but you cannot drink it nor can you see the salt that is in it. But here you have water that flows gently that has a beautiful flow about it, its clarity its taste a wonder. You see water is the substance of man. It is what provides for him the cloak that he needs to wear. Without water, man cannot survive in his Earth. And without the need for water, man cannot find himself in life.

There are many things that man questions before coming into his world. The first thing he questions is justice. What is the purpose of it? No one in our world will give to him that answer, because he has to first find the answer within himself in order to endure the life path.

Do you know the purpose of your life? Why do you think you are here? Everyone is given a tree to decorate, but everyone chooses to decorate it his or her own way. The tree has no life to it when it is taken from its root. Then why do we decorate something that is dead? Because many souls on your Earth live dead, they are living in memory of the past. And yes, you can decorate it any way you want, but it is still dead there is no life in it.

So, why do you continually pursue that of the past when there is no life in it? You decorate the past by holding on to it, by clinging to it. You have to determine how you're going to decorate it. If you light it up it will let you see the gain of it. If you decorate it with heavy ornaments it will only pull you down. Light it up. See the sparkle of life that awakened you to you, the seed of which it gave to you. By lighting your past, you begin to light your future.


Ajay said...

Good one...I completly agree with her point of view..

Ajay said...

Good one...I completly agree with her point of view..

AC Associates said...

Hi Ajay,
I hope you were able to read the whole post. I know it was a long one. Maybe I should have broken it up into parts...
Well, I agree with her words also.
Maybe others were able to get something from this
Thanks for visiting

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