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Thursday, June 19, 2008

eBay To The Rescue

I know you are all familiar with eBay and I was wondering how many actually use their site?

I really never used Ebay to shop for anything before. Surprising I know...

My son had used eBay to sell items and he was completely satisfied with his experience. He made a ton of money selling sport related items.

The other day while putting on one of my favorite perfumes, I realized the bottle was just about empty. I wear this perfume mostly in the spring/summer. It's a perfume I had bought from MaryKay awhile ago and I know they don't make it anymore.I always see advertisements for eBay and decided to take a look.

To my surprise I found several sellers offering this perfume. I placed a bid and in the end I won. For $6 and a few bucks for shipping, I'll be receiving a full bottle of my favorite perfume. What a bargin!
Win Your Bid Today At eBay!

Now I know I'll be using eBay more often. If you are a buyer or seller on eBay, has your experience been a positive one?

If You Broke It, Lost It, Need It Cheap, Or Just Can't Find It Anywhere Else, Find It At eBay!

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