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Monday, June 2, 2008

Alittle Link Love to New Friends...

Just wanted to say "thank you" to some new Blog Catalog friends here at A Circle of Women.
I appreciate your visits and kind words...

Reflections by Mariz

Projection Word Drops

Think Simple Now

WickedWidow Fantasy Art Blog


Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever

Daily Blessings

Real Women...Real Life


My Spiritual Journey

mindsights by lynda lehmann

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Kimberly McKay said...

You're such a doll to list my daily blessings and real women site on here. Thank you so much! I appreciate you. I like your blog! Quick question...have you found the ads on your site beneficial? What are the pro's and cons and how did you get to sign up for it?

AC Associates said...

Hello wornoutwomen,
You're so welcome. I like your blogs and the way your think and wanted others to 'find' you too.

Honestly I have the ads up to help others to find resources that might be beneficial. The money is second to me. Nice when you receive a little though.
I haven't any cons...

If you want to sign up to promote a produt or service, click on an ad or visit the site of your choice. Usually at the very bottom of the page there is an 'affiliate' link so you can join the program. There are many programs out there to join as an affiliate...click bank, pepperjam, commission junction etc...if you have other questions or want some help...email me: andrea@acassociatesusa.com and I'll help you through.

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