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Friday, June 6, 2008

Reading To Your Children

Reading to your children is a wonderful way to create a bond. It promotes not only learning, but expands their minds and imagination. Reading helps promote communication skills and the more your read to them, the more you are encouraging them to love reading. This is the best start you can give them.

My niece loves books. She can't seem to get enough. We all have been reading to her since she was an infant and that is probably why she loves books so much. I buy her a book every time I know I'll be seeing her. When she sees the book, she gets all excited... immediately sits down and waits for me to read it to her.

Leketha Marie Johnson wrote a wonderful book called Sunny's Adventures. Sunny is a little girl that loves to solves mysteries. This requires thinking on her part and she has to solve the clues she finds along the way.

As you read this book to your child, he or she must use their own minds as they listen to the story. It also gives them the opportunity to try and solve problems. Sunny also teaches how to help others because she needs to help find a lost puppy, a turtle, a stolen pie and other missing items.

Choosing books that teaches a life lesson is so valuable to your child. You will be helping them fulfil their potential. Reading is also a great way to give your pre-school aged child a head start.

Leketha Marie Johnson has a great website dedicated to Sunny's Adventures at www.sunnysadventures.com
For parents and for teachers, she offers many resources on her Home page. You can download a free Sunny's Adventures coloring book or decide to implement the educational activities she provides. She also offers a newsletter you can register to receive.

Buy The Book and read the best children's mystery book to your child.


Kimberly McKay said...

What a great post!!! Thank you for the new reading suggestions. My son also loves me to read to him, but he loves it most when I make up bedtime stories to him. I need to write them all down to publish one of these days as they're all very very entertaining and quite good according to my five year old.

AC Associates said...

Thanks...my niece just can't get enough books! I remember my son as a child loving the time I took to read to him.

GO FOR IT!!! publish a book yourself at lulu.com
I'm sure others would enjoy reading them as well. Don't wait for 'one of these days'

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